An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


I know, at some point they transition him from wrestler to commentator because of how bad he was as a wrestlers and then they gave him one last chance to prove himself as a wrestler in NXT and he fail and since then and even while he was in wwe, he always blame cena for his shortcoming when in reality he only had to watch in the mirror to see why they he never made it big.


He has never blamed Cena he just said there was an incident between them left it at that because he gets asked that question all time. Tons of other wrestlers have come out and said Cena fucked him over.

BTW the guy is perfectly fine in the ring for a guy his size. There was always this smart mark reputation he somehow got that the guy sucks and it became cool to say that. Maybe if he was Japanese or wrestled with basketball shorts and cut off t shirt you would see what I see.


Only thing about Riley I liked was his theme after he turned on Miz.

Another guy made by Miz who didn’t do anything after they stopped being paired with him.

Maybe now just maybe, all these “talented” folks who were supposedly buried by the WWE would’ve found a modicum of success outside their walls. :thinking:


Again nothing again him, he was a pretty decent talent but go see his 2015-2016 run and you will get my point. Also, I did follow him through is time in wwe and a little bit after and he did blame cena on social media over the years for his shortcoming.

I get your point, when he first started, he had all the tool to be a superstar but my point his the more he advance in his career the more he became just another guy and a lot of guy pass him by because they had more passion and love the business more to step up their game and adapt to the current product. Drew McIntyre is the perfect example of what I’m talking about. When he got release, he went on the Indy scene and reinvented himself. If he when on the indy’s and just continued to the way he was in wwe, WWE wouldn’t have rehired him and he wouldn’t be a featured guy on raw right now.

Riley never did that, he just continue be the same guy he was when they sign him and he became another Zack Ryder because he didn’t want to adapt and change.

Again, I get what you are saying but in today’s WWE with his limited charisma and in ring talent, no matter what he look like, he would be on WWE main event in no time.


Warrior, Goldberg, Sting, Luger, Brock none of them had a passion for the business and all they were all pushed because they all had it and every promoter knew they could draw money with them. Hell I bet Roman doesn’t even have that much passion for the business.

The dude was fucked over do to WWE’s weird petty bull crap. End of discussion


Being fucked by petty bull crap…didn’t do.anything to prove them wrong outside their bubble


Sorry you feel that way men because Riley didn’t get fucked over by wwe, he just became complacent and never evolve. Also if you really think that reigns doesn’t have passion for the business then that’s you’re provocative.

That guy as live with this business since he was born. His whole family as worked in this business so I doubt that if he didn’t have the passion, he would have started wrestling because is dad would have beat the respect out of him if he came only for the money

Anyway, it was nice having a discussion with you on this subject, we have 2 completely different opinion on this, one bases on dirt sheet reports and the other bases on pretty much everything else outside thoses reports but you think Riley would have made money for WWE and I don’t and I respect your point of view. If this is the end of the discussion then I’m o.k with that because I had fun debated this topic with you. Hope we can do that again on another topic.


Not end of discussion…?

The most common complaints about Alex Riley from fans are:

  1. He has little to no charisma (or at least no charisma that people seem to like).
  2. His wrestling his fine, but nothing special.
  3. His promos are not very good.
  4. They just don’t like him.

I’m not convinced WWE put that narrative out there to the masses and just buried him. That’s fine that the IWC may not like him, but most WWE fans are not part of the IWC, and they don’t like him either.

Clearly you like him and that’s fine, but most people don’t. That’s why he failed, people don’t him.


I think you just described Roman. The current top guy in the industry.

Dude had tons of charisma and was a star if they were to book him right. They made him Miz’s lackey then had him turn face after only a couple of months when no one wanted it. All they had to debut him with the generic cocky I’m better than you heel gimmick variation (Flair, Dibiase, MVP, Del Rio, JBL, HBK) that works most of the time and he could of made it work.

The IWC hates wrestlers who look like him, Cena and Roman who WWE recruited and didn’t work in Japan or ROH before. That is already strike 1 to the IWC. They are looking for any reason to say they suck and shit on them. They prefer their wrestlers to look like virgins.

Seriously what is it with the IWC and really good looking wrestlers who are tall and have nice bodies? They hate them so much. They act like jealous women who hate the pretty girl and there is nothing the pretty girl can do to get the other girls to like her sctrictly because of her looks. This is a thing.


He had a spark when he turned on Miz, that’s what Miz does, much like what he did for the IC Title, he’s elevated people to his level when he was paired with them. What they did afterwards is like what happens when IWC faves were paired with Cena that didn’t stick. If you don’t stay on that level, you fall…and Alex Riley has fallen off the face of the earth it seems.

That’s not on the company, fans or IWC…that’s on him. He could have done the Cody Rhodes/Drew Galloway thing and made a name for himself that’ll get him more money to re-sign with WWE or do whatever he wanted to.

But none of that matters…being compared to Roman Reigns


I wanted to pull this from your original post on Alex Riley which I agree with. Handled right, WWE can make anyone a superstar. They pick and choose the wrestlers to feature in their storylines, how to highlight their strengths and minimize their weaknesses, who to put them with either as a rival or a tag team partner to push them to improve.

With the right storyline, the right push, character development, promotion, etc. Alex Riley could have been a main eventer. But you can literally say that about anyone past and present in WWE.

Riley had one thing going for him, his look. But there are lots of guys with good bodies. If that alone made a main-eventer then John Morrison should have been one.


Well, I don’t feel the same way about Alex Riley, but I’m also not a huge Roman fan (although I think Roman’s matches are generally better). He did nothing for me, and likely never would have no matter how hard he was pushed.

I also think you misunderstood my point about the IWC. People that are not part of the IWC and are strictly WWE fans didn’t love him either, which means he was not clicking with anybody. I also think it’s a good point that he didn’t get over on the independent scene after he left WWE. For me, and for most people, he didn’t have ‘it’, but I guess we look for different things in our wrestling.


That’s because they turned him face long before he had a real character or a long heel turn. They basically debuted him as a face which is death for a wrestler like him. It was like when they debuted the Rock (or Cena) as a face. He floundered badly. The IWC really really hated him and the regular fans didn’t care. Nobody thought he had “it”. (The IWC back then probably really hated him even more than usual because he was tall, good looking and had a great body too)

They debuted him as the Shannon Moore to Miz’s Matt Hardy for god’s sake. He should of had a debut like Del Rio, MVP or Dibiase where he is the arrogant heel that thinks he is better than everyone that gets over almost every time. He should of been a heel for years where he can really get over and develop his all around game.


If you post a comment in a thread called “an-opinion-of-yours-about-wrestling-that-75-of-the-board-wouldnt-share” are you not aware that most people will disagree with you when you post about Alex Riley?


And they are all wrong and none of their opinions on anything should ever be taken seriously. I will defend Alex Riley til my death. He is now my favorite wrestler of all time. Hell he is now the greatest wrestler ever in my opinion. I will take it a step further, he is greatest actor ever to me after his one appearance on GLOW. He deserves an EMMY.

The man can do no wrong I tell you.


This was legit the funniest reply I’ve read on these forums. My new favorite reply on the POST wrestling forums.


Yeah, I’m with you on this one. I just realize that this whole Alex Riley post was just a joke to get a rise out of people. Way to go Billy, you are the funniest guy I ever read on any wrestling board.


Somewhere Alex Riley is smiling.


I don’t like Finn Balor’s demon alter ego.


Hardcore fans are the worst thing about pro wrestling.