An Opinion of yours about Wrestling that 75%+ of the board wouldn't share


Definitely agree. @MaxMikado has a great post on the ‘Booker T returning to RAW’ thread about all the aspects of an announcer’s tasks. Don’t get me started on the micro-managing in his ear also.

By the end of 2018 will we hear him say ‘Michael Cole Bay-bay’ ?



I read everyone’s thoughts concerning the rumble situation and although some on here would agree with my opinion(s) on the matter, I didn’t see any actions backing that up. My network subscription ended a few days after Mania and I did not renew. To me the individual is paramount on Planet Earth. If half of a society (religion, country, what have you) can’t participate in an entertainment event, I don’t see that as pro-individual.

I didn’t see this situation as one that would ‘lead to change’ either. It just sounded like corporate justification babble and I think their government’s reaction to a female on screen completely confirmed that sentence.

Yes, it may only be 10 or 20 dollars in the end that I’m not giving. It can be difficult to line up one’s beliefs with supporting companies as we could easily find numerous things with every company that we may feel are problematic. This situation seemed like an easy one for me and I enjoyed John and Wai sharing their own thoughts on the matter.


Samoa Joe right now is the best he’s ever been.

His main roster stuff has been miles better than anything he’s done on NXT or TNA. His ROH run was good but he’s developed into a much better all-around performer since the call up.


Yeah I find almost all of Austin’s matches to be ok to bad. Just plotting with a bunch of bad kicking and punching fests


I find that most of the women’s matches on WWE are sloppy and they try to do to much. They attempt big or high risk moves that they ant pull off or are unsafe. They should concentrate more on basic wrestling and not try to mimic what they cant do. I also see the women throw a kick and all but stop it before delivering it either cause they don’t know how o kick or the other person is out of place.


I find Mauro Ranollo’s commentary style to be annoying.

I am a mark for Vince McMahon on commentary especially that over the top fake laugh he would do.


Not sure that’s gonna hit the 75% disagree threshold! Maybe it would, people do love his NXT and TNA stuff. I completely agree with you though. I thought his promos in TNA were downright pathetic (and yes I was probably grading him tougher since he was near the top of the card). He definitely got it rollin in NXT and is killin it now.

I would only say it sometimes looks like they are thinking ‘move 2 down, now let’s go to move 3’. Reps and experience. Since that ‘unfortunate’ rumble crap happened, let the ladies have their own 6 match PPV (3 from each brand). Let’s see an overall show. I think they would do well.

Not with you my brother! :wink: I’d take Mauro anytime. I dig his references and just overall like his voice. I could not STAND McMahon calling pinfalls. Oh, it looks like he has him (with ridiculous inflections) ohh, no he doesn’t. Could not stand his up and down inflections and I don’t want him anywhere near the current announcers earbuds!!! Stop talking to them! (I think I need some chamomile tea to calm down … carry on Mr. efuds!)


I think the Skull Crushing Finale is one of the worst finishing moves in wrestling. In a sport where haters use the f word “fake”… that move looks so fake. Love the character, hate the finisher.


Haha…I think my love for Vince on commentary is heavily nostalgia influenced. I started watching wrestling in 1995 of all years, and Vince and Jerry Lawler were the first regular commentary team I heard on Raw. His hokey commentary fit perfectly with the cartoonish product of the time.


Don’t criticize the greatestness of GIANT GONZALES!


People that chant “you can’t wrestle” at Roman Reigns but cheer Braun Strowman, who’s a lot inferior in the ring, are morons.


NXT isn’t doing a great job at training guy for the main rosters. I feel like they are training them to be star on the NXT brand and forgetting that they need to make them ready for the main rosters.


Mauro is pretty much what Vince was in the 80’s or dear i say what mike adamle and Matt Striker was during the WWEECW years. He’S playing the over the top cheesy play by play guy and he’s doing a pretty good job with it. Sometimes he’S a little bit too much for my taste, that one of the reason i stop watching NXT on a regular bases but he’s still doing a good job for the style he chose to do. But i agree with you, i really miss Vince on commentary, he’s still one of my favorite play by play guy of all time especially everytime he would say the match is over after a 2 counts.


That the Miz made the ic title prestigious.


The Miz is a candidate for Most Improved year after year and has reached a point where I think he can headline with almost anyone


He may be great on the mic but he’s still sloppy in the ring. If you take away all the moves he’s taken from other wrestlers what is he. Boring


I tried to watch the first episode of “Something Else to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard” on John & Wai’s recommendations given their friend, Conrad Thompson, is involved.

However I found it to not be much better than a low-budget fan produced YouTube show. “We’re a TWO TIME” … “TWO TIME” … “Here I got a trophy” … “It’s a real thing”… “Get up close & personal” … This was the first minuet of your show to try to win me over, to give up my free time every week? Needless to say it failed.

Honestly I hope it goes well for the sake of John & Wai’s friend, but with the endless amounts of Great Podcast I listen to on my daily commute (Including the Non-Wrestling ones & music) I won’t be listening to “Something Else to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard” again.


It is already way better. Watch the HBK 95 episode. Better cameras and more footage from the topic they are talking about.

The WWE needs to stop hiring so many smaller guys who are great workers. They need to find more guys who have great looks with size or are great on the mic and can play a character. I couldn’t care less about any of the 205 guys now that Enzo is gone.


You should listen to the original version of their podcast, It’s way better then the wwe network version of the podcast because they have more freedom on what they say.

As of now, the wwe episode or just condense version of shows that they already did on something to wrestle with, so they’re less interesting.


Are you talking about Miz or Rollins :wink: