Andrade released from WWE

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WWE made the announcement that they’ve come to terms on the release of Andrade.

On March 18th, Andrade took to social media and confirmed the report that he requested his release from the sports-entertainment company. Wrestling Inc. was first to report the news of Andrade asking to depart WWE. Following up on that, F4WOnline’s Dave Meltzer added that the request was initially denied.

Several hours ago, Andrade noted on social media that he received “good news” and following WWE’s Fastlane pay-per-view, they formally announced Andrade’s release.

WWE has come to terms on the release of Andrade. We wish him all the best in all of his future endeavors.

— WWE (@WWE) March 22, 2021

Good news!!!! Buenas noticias!!! #Tranquilo #Happy

— “EL IDOLO” ANDRADE (@AndradeElIdolo) March 21, 2021

Andrade signed with WWE in 2015 and after several years, he was paired with Zelina Vega and went on an NXT Title run. The two were moved to the SmackDown and Raw brands as a pair and were featured on-screen regularly.

Vega, real name Thea Trinidad-Budgen was released from the company in November of 2020. Andrade’s last match for WWE occurred in October.

AEW better scoop him and Zelina up. For as much shit as I gave AEW for the awful signing of Christian, THIS is the situation where they should sign a former WWE guy. WWE completely missed the boat with him.

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AEW is bloated at the moment.

Who to let go to make some space? Here my list:

Colt Cabana
Jack Evans
Joey Janela
Kip Sabian
Michael Nakazawa

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The issue with you list is that other than maybe Kip, that list would open up time for him on Dark not Dynamite.

Terrible from WWE. Real talent, wasted


He could go to Japan

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I would dump Sabian. He’s had plenty of opportunities but is still missing a lot

After all the wrestlers they refused to release, it’s pretty crazy how this was pretty quick. Would actually be a great pick up for AEW. Their roster isn’t that great, he’d be a brilliant addition.

Not with talent at Andrade’s level.

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Oh agreed, that’s why the Christian signing was so bad, but a guy like Andrade in his prime is someone you just can’t pass up.

Where do you draw the line with them signing guys? Aleister Black, Daniel Bryan, Adam Cole, Sami Zayn are all guys that are rumored to have contracts end this year. Should AEW sign them all? They are all guys I know that I would like to see in AEW.

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You should sign anyone who is going to improve your product. This is why folks look ridiculous moaning about WWE getting rid of people. If you have dead weight, and there are better options on the market, it should be a straight forward decision. All 4 of those listed are better options than 2 thirds of their current roster

Yes. They’re guys that are better than a lot of what they have and they have more recognition than a lot of what AEW have.

I would replace Colt Cabana (he’s not my favorite but he isn’t the most useless member of the AEW roster) on your list with Marko Stunt (not needed and or a hat on a hat). I don’t know if I would get rid of Kip Sabin but I would replace him with Chuck Taylor (once again not needed, keep Trent as a single’s star or find him another tag team partner).

I do agree that AEW’s roster is “bloated” at the moment and they need to either pay people to “go away” or not resign them when their contract comes up (assuming they are not on a per show agreement).

I don’t think Daniel Bryan will leave WWE unless they really do something to “piss him off.” Even if he does leave I would assume New Japan or other companies besides AEW would take his call and or he has options including just retiring as well. He also seems like a West Coast guy as well and might not want to work for another company in Florida (assuming AEW is still at Daily’s Place for most if not all of 2021).

I would assume Sami Zayn stays at WWE as long as Kevin Owens does (maybe his next contract is for however long Kevin Owens contract is for).

Adam Cole would be interesting. I could definitely see Dr. Britt Baker and Adam Cole being in the same company and they might be waiting for the other to “finish up.”

Aleister Black is 35 (turns 36 in May) so besides probably being either released or leaving when his contract is up who knows what he will do besides not work for WWE.

AEW should not be like Impact was in that they sign “every” (or almost every) person WWE releases. If they do sign anyone they need to get rid of some people so the roster is not so “bloated.”

Apparently Andrade doesnt have a 90 day clause. I’d be having him & Thea Trinidad showing up on Dynamite this week if I’m Tony Khan.

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I would love it if AEW signed Andrade but didn’t have to cut someone. I see value in all the wrestlers named in this thread. Someone like Colt Cabana can really do it all. He can wrestle, manage, commentate, sell t-shirts, podcast host, etc. I happen to love wrestlers like Angelico and Jack Evans. They look like two guys that give it their all in every match. They aren’t unsafe workers. They each bring something a little different than an average wrestler (especially what I saw from Angelico’s last match).

As more people get vaccinated I am sure we are all hoping that AEW will begin touring again. WWE has shown a path to great financial success. AEW will soon expand their televised matches which should bring in more money. Maybe they expand on AEW plus that is only available in foreign markets? I would imagine as soon as they can justify it they will make all the past events available as a streaming network.Soon they may be able to take AEW plus to the US (not showing live events of course as TNT would not allow it).

They must understand that they need content. Compile as much content as you can so you can begin to monetize it with a steaming network. Right now so many wrestlers in the company have youtube channels. This shows they have fans looking for more AEW content. I am sure they can create things similar in a way to how WWE has their interviews and other things that are not simply wrestling matches.


I went through the roster and looked at people that don’t keep my attention when they are on the tv. I agree with your take on Colt Cabana and you also need jobbers that take the Ls Brandon Cutler would be another one. Peter Avalon could also go in my opinion. They have their spots on the roster as the first guys to beat if you want to climb the ladder.