Andrew Thompson needs to do more podcasts

He could be doing it on other feeds that I don’t listen to, but for the past few years I’ve been getting pleasantly surprised when he stands in for someone. It’s like the sub teacher you had growing up that you actually liked and always wondered they don’t have their own class.

This is NOT to put down any of the other contributors to Post Wrestling…but to publicly alert that dang, he gotta speak more often.

…And get out the house to work every once and awhile so he can use NordVPN for all of his efforts.


Have you seen his YouTube channel that has the interviews he’s done with wrestlers?


@BSR - I second this recommendation.

@Cam I highly recommend a YouTube subscription to the Youngest in Charge’s interview show.

To clarify, more podcasts on Post Wrestling specifically, as it’s random hearing him on the Post Wrestling feeds. Of course I’m aware of his YT channel :slight_smile:

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have you heard his laugh? It’s so wholesome that it makes me stop and smile when I hear it.