Anthony Henry believes no one in the NXT locker room feels safe after recent releases

Originally published at Anthony Henry believes no one in the NXT locker room feels safe after recent releases

The former ‘Asher Hale’ gives his first post-WWE interview.

During the August 6th episode of Friday Night SmackDown, WWE made cuts to the NXT roster and 13 talents were let go from the company. One of those names was 205 Live and NXT competitor Anthony Henry, who was known in WWE as ‘Asher Hale’.

Henry made his NXT TV debut in early May. It was reported in January by PWInsider that he signed a deal with WWE. Coming out of his release, Henry did his first post-WWE interview with Inside The Ropes and told the publication about the morale of the locker room as a multitude of talents have been let go from the company over the past several months.

Yeah, I definitely do think that morale is impacted, for sure. Because nobody, like you said, just with it being a case of like names being released, that previously we would have thought would never have been released.

He went on to add that he believes nobody in the NXT locker room feels safe from being let go. He doesn’t know if that could affect the on-screen performances but the overall feeling in the locker room has changed.

With that being the case, nobody feels safe I don’t think, you know, and I wouldn’t say it necessarily affects their performances, but their mental state and just the overall feeling of the locker room, I would say is impacted. You know, and I think that’s natural and that would be the case for anybody, any locker room, any job situation, but I mean, it’s a great locker room.

Back in December of 2020, Henry told the Andrew Thompson Interviews YouTube channel and POST Wrestling that if he were not signed by February 2021, he would consider stepping away from independent wrestling.

Along with Anthony Henry, also let go from the WWE were Jake Atlas, Leon Ruff, Tyler Rust, Bronson Reed, Bobby Fish and more.

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See this is shitty. If WWE wants to release talent, it is what it is, these are the contracts that the two parties agreed to. With that said, what they should do is just do their cuts in one day and then be done with it. Doing it seemingly every 3 weeks or so and having talent feel that they could loose their jobs day in, day out is not something people should have to go through.

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