Anyone watching IMPACT regularly?

I started tuning in around November last year and it’s not terrible. The company had terrible luck around Wrestlemania weekend with El Patron no showing but it really seems to have rebounded. The inclusion of the Lucha Underground talent has been a great addition. Austin Aeris is also doing better in a smaller pond. Plus Sami Callahan’s heel work is pretty damn good. All and all, it’s not a bad show to have in the background.

I try to watch but still to much hokey crap for me. They have several people I just dont like and their womens division drives me nuts. You got the skeleton crazy lady (Rosemary didnt she use to be a clown or something at one point with crazy steve), then you bring in some undead women(no clue who she is) and have a casket match with the undead women and Allie.

I haven’t watched it regularly since 2011 or 2012. There’s too much other wrestling (including podcasts and classic content on the Network) out there.

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I don’t have cable so I am not sure when and where to watch Impact, but I think I’d give it a shot if it were available to be streamed. I’ve watched their Twitch broadcasts but I think that mainly consists of their archived stuff.

No i gave it a shot for over 10 years and now just don’t care anymore.Its so tainted now that there is no coming back ever. It really needs to end at this point. No one wants to work there and no fan wants to watch it. Its just a total embarrassment.

i use to but since i went to bound for glory last year and was bored out of my mind, i just stop watching it. I do catch the show now and again when i got nothing better to do or i know something big will happens like last week with the allie vs su young match but outside of that i rather watch clip that they post on youtube then waste my time with the whole 2 hour show.

I have given TNA/Impact so many “second chances” since 2012 when everyone said it was “different now” I lost count, but i know i last watched a full impact tv In 2015 (the last year of TV broadcast in Australia). Admittedly since then I have watched the Hardy’s Deletions clips which were posted for free on their YouTube.

There is such a tarnished reputation of TNA / IMPACT / GFW / ANTHEM now you couldn’t pay me to watch them. My local Promotion’s event (Melbourne City Wrestling: November Rain) outdrew Bound for Glory by about 100 people, remember that Impact was at one stage the 2nd biggest company in the World and this PPV is their WrestleMania equivalent, while MCW is just a Australian Indy.

Also with great podcast like POST & WON~F4W I’d rather support their quality of work then “That Owl” ever again.

I stopped watching it before it got cancelled on Challenge TV in The U.K. However I watched the last 2 weeks due to the fact that I think that they’ve steadied the ship and I like the fact that Don Callis and Scott D’Amour are on board.

I also like the fact that they have seemed to doing away with the policy of signing any released talent from The WWE and (Apart from Scott Steiner) not using stars from WWE and WCW from the 90’s and 00’s and are using hungrier talent.

I agree with the silliness of Su Yung and The Undead Bridesmaids (Why can’t they be just be Cosplaying?) but they actually look the part, something we wished The WWE did with Bray Wyatt. Mind you, it was jarring to see Allie the way she is now compared to the last time I saw her.

Obviously crowd reaction and the taping in advance is an issue but it’s nothing concerning. They just need to take baby steps and just see if they can get it to be more successful.

Now that I find pretty good match and story summaries on youtube, I regret I never gave TNA a chance when I pretty much gave up on wrestling for a decade starting in around the end of 2003.

I never gave it a chance b/c of the TNA name, I figured they aren’t taking themselves very seriously with a name like that.

I stopped watching Impact after the Anthem thing last October & only started watching again after Aries rejoined the company. The current show’s not bad. It’s not the greaetest thing in the world, but I find that it’s consistently more entertaining (and less of a chore to watch) than most Raws.

One of the low-key (or Low-Ki) truths in wrestling over the past 2-3 years is that Impact’s been a pretty solid company from an in-ring & creative storytelling standpoint. Basically they hit rock-bottom on Destination America & have been in a better space since moving to Pop TV.

They’ll probably never be a “threat” to the WWE like they were in the mid 2000’s, but it feels like they’ve learned from the (mostly self-inflicted) setbacks of the past. :100:



Yeah but dude, you watch 2000 era WCW on a regular basis… for fun. :wink:

Honestly, I tried getting back into TNA a few years back and it just left a bad taste in my mouth. I watched it on a regular basis from 2006ish, up until late 2010, maybe early 2011, and I just got fed up of the revolving door of bad creative directions and had to give up.

I picked it back up and I think Bobby Lashley was the champ and Eddie Edwards was challenging… or maybe it was vice-versa. Davey Richards was in the audience and turned on Eddie for literally no reason. I just sighed and turned it off. Maybe it was just an off show, maybe I would’ve seen the issues between the Wolves growing if I’d been watching TV regularly, but it just felt very lolTNA, swervy-for-swerves sake and I’ve not been able to care since.

The new creative team intrigues me but I’m not planning on looking at an iMPACT show until that regime has been in place for long enough to actually make a difference. I hear more good than bad about them these days and when I’m not hearing anything at all, I take that as a half-decent sign they’re at least not doing lolTNA stuff on a regular basis, but I’m not getting conned into watching that crap again without some real effort being put into it by the group.

Definitely understandable since TNA/GFW/Impact played a large part in their current reputation, but I’d argue that outside of the inexplicable “Heel Josh Matthews” story, Impact’ s booking has been solid for a minute. Their business on the other hand…

The Broken Universe, Lashley’s title run (including the Dan Lambert/ATT angle), Aries’ return, the Lucha Underground team-up, the new LAX, and the Davey Richards-Sami Callahan fued have all been pleasant surprises. I think there’s some smaller things that need tightening up (the audience is never really great & the Knockouts matches could be better), but I think they’re on the right track. The most important thing (and the trickiest thing for Impact over the years) is not just maintaining this level, but continuing to improve the product which will eventually lead to more revenue for the company. :100:

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Yeah, I’m not saying I’ll never watch it again - although I have in the past - but I’m not going back to that show without a lot of enticement on their part. I have reverse FOMO with iMPACT. I’m more afraid of suffering through the show than I am that I’m missing something worthwhile. It’s gonna take some time for that to wear off I think.

If it was 1 hour I would check it out. I can’t do any more 2 hour plus weekly wrestling shows. I get burnt out by 5 hours of WWE television and have more than my weekly fix. (Hell I’m still burnt out by Mania)