Anyone Watching StarrCast II On Fite?

I’m just curious if anyone has ordered Starrcast II on Fite and if so, what are their thoughts on any of the panels? I have not ordered it, but may order a day pack or go back later and check out panels that get high praise.

Below is a complete day-by-day schedule:

Thursday, May 23rd
9:30pm ET - Remembering Owen
11:30pm ET - An Evening with Cody & The Bucks hosted by Alex Marvez

Friday, May 24th
1:00pm ET - JR & The King
1:00pm ET - Behind the Paint: Sting hosted by Tony Schiavone
3:30pm ET - NITRO: 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff
3:30pm ET - The Taz Show LIVE
5:30pm ET - ARN
7:00pm ET - Double or Nothing Press Conference & Weigh In
8:00pm ET - Wrestling Observer Live
9:00pm ET - The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana
10:00pm ET - Ready to Rumble Watch-A-Long

Saturday, May 25th
1:00pm ET - Booker T’s Hall of Fame Podcast
1:00pm ET - Sharpshooter: Bret Hart in his own words
3:00pm ET - Monday Night War Stories hosted by Sean Waltman
3:00pm ET - ““I Quit”” with Magnum TA & Tully Blanchard hosted by Tony Schiavone

Sunday, May 26th
1:00pm ET - Something to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard
1:00pm ET - An Extreme Rivalry: Rob Van Dam & Jerry Lynn
3:00pm ET - Lita’s Panel on Women’s Wrestling
3:00pm ET - Crazy Like a Fox: Remembering Brian Pillman
5:00pm ET - Inside the Ropes: Dustin Rhodes hosted by Kenny McIntosh
5:00pm ET - Talk is Jericho
7:00pm ET - House of Hardcore: An Extreme Reunion

Looks pretty good but double or nothing is already a bit too pricey.

I got in on the DON deal for 19.99

This seems good but it’s too pricey

Gonna watch the Bret Hart show, 83 weeks w/ Bischoff, and the Wrestling Observer Live show.

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So they announced a Starrcast III for suburban Chicago at the same hotel in Schaumburg they did last year. Excited to announce I will be attending it live again this Labor Day weekend.

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This felt cool when it was first announced. Now doing 3 in one year, it feels overdone. There is no reason this has to be done more than once a year.

I agree. You don’t want to burn out your audience’s enthusiasm (and wallets) by doing this too often. Plus, the more you do these the less special it is. :100:

I think there is a market to do 2-3 Starrcast events a year without burning out your audience, especially if they are in different cities.

I attended the first Starrcast and thought it was one of the coolest wrestling events I have ever been to. I have never seen so many fans of wrestling together so happy.

Say what you want about Conrad, but the dude knows how to create and promote entertaining podcasts and worthwhile conventions.

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I think 2-3 per year are feasible (and financially viable) if you spread out the locations. Might lose some of the “holy shit, I HAVE to be there” factor, but there are definitely enough wrestlers and gimmicks out there that they can still consistently be pretty good (at the very least) for a while.