ASK-A-WAI: Ask Us Anything! (August 2023)

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John Pollock and Wai Ting answer their patrons’ questions about anything and everything in an extra-large August 2023 edition of Ask-A-Wai. This month:

  • Should intermissions return to PPVs?
  • How does the Attitude Era change if Shawn Michaels never left?
  • “Good Match/Bad Story” or “Bad Match/Good Story”?
  • Our experience with unionization
  • Was Kurt Angle actually good from the start?
  • How should AEW book Collision against WrestleMania?
  • History of Tape Trading
  • “The Wai-In”
  • Handling “Wrestling is Fake” people
  • Weezer’s original bass player
  • … more

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