Ask-A-Wai issues

John and Wai,

I was just listening to Ask-A-Wai and I’m a little disappointed and offended. I really want to know why you guys, especially John are so uppity about my questions like the one I asked about interest of cars. I’m paying monthly for your product and I’m disappointed that at times you’re not answering them and other times you guys are coming of as arrogant and bitchy about it. Sorry, I just believe your attitude to some of my questions comes off as just unnecessary and if this continues to happen, I don’t know if I will be able to continue to contribute to the Cafe. Again, I’m paying monthly to you guys’ content as I deserve more respect than this. I just want to let you know of my concern.

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@johnpollock @wai0937

In the interest of context, here’s the clip:

Considering how neither of us have expressed any interest or knowledge in cars in the past, I think it was just a bewildering question that prompted us to give a bewildered response. Please don’t take it personally.

I passed on your 2nd, 3rd and 4th questions to give others a chance. Though I should also note that we will skip questions we just don’t feel like giving responses to.

If you no longer feel like you are getting value, you are free to remove your Patreon contribution at any time.

– Wai


I know what you mean. For example my question about John being Polish. I did not mean to offend John. I was just curious as a very long time fan of his who has supported him from day 1 on the law.

Maybe he was not offended but just did not really know what to say. Maybe I interpreted the response wrong.

I would have said I always dreamed of driving a MacLaren as a kid. But not everyone imagines driving a dream car like most kids actually do.

Not listened to the show yet but I am a patron of post wrestling because I enjoy listening to John and Wai. I would not want them to change their style or pander to patrons by patronising them and having pretence enthusiasm for questions and subjects that don’t interest them.

In another ask a wai, johns rant about, if you were a wrestler, type questions was hilarious, and in the next show. The person who asked this acknowledged that.

I seriously worry for someone’s sanity if you find someone not interested in your question offensive.


I paid for something…that means you have to put up with my shit with a smile on your face. :thinking:

Must be real popular at restaurants.

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