ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

Are either of you at all looking forward to Shinya Aoki vs Sage Northcutt? It’s a clashing of worlds on multiple levels with wrestling and MMA and TNT. Do you see AEW promoting this at all or Aoki being a person that could be promoted due to the AEW/DDT relationship along with TNT’s partnership with ONE?

Anthony from Detroit

Hello guys! Question for both of you

Favourite venue you have seen a wrestling show at?

Bucket list venue you would like a see a wrestling show at (when it is safe to do so)?

Is it ever at the back of your minds, when reviewing RAW and other shows, that certain storylines and segments are meant purely for kids?

For example, Randy Orton on RAW this week

10 year old me would have gone wild for that.

40 year old me thinks it’s very hokey.

John, kind of a morbid question, but when you hear a wrestler/wrestling personality is in a very bad way, do you begin to write their post-life summary or do you wait for the confirmation of their passing?

Hey, first time ever asked a question but was just wondering…

Since you separate art from real life really well when it comes to wrestling reviews (Chris Benoit the main example) do you do the same in whatever your watching/listening to in your spare time?
My favourite actor of all time was Kevin Spacey but now I feel awkward watching his films because I’m watching a Spacey film mainly for his performance. Marilyn Manson is someone I still listen to at least once a week but if all this coming out ends up being true I don’t think I’d be able to listen for entertainment purposes.

Is there anyone in any other form of entertainment that you used to love but stay away from now? Or just carried on watching/listening as you’ve separated the art from the real person?

Thanks for all the amazing content!!

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Jake from The Windy City

First of all, Happy Birthday Mr. Pollock. God bless you for all the hard work and dedication you have put forward to provide us wrestling fans an escape all these years. We truly appreciate it!

I know that you’ve thoroughly enjoyed ESPN’s The Last Dance last year and how that era of the NBA really made you a passionate fan back in the mid to late 90s. After chronicling Michael Jordan and the Bulls, are there any other teams or athletes out there that you would like to see an in-depth docuseries out of?

And I know you’ve pretty much fallen off the NBA in recent times, but whenever you do have the chance of watching the occasional game here and there, do you still enjoy watching the sport? I have friends who were huge fans back in the day and have quit watching it recently because of complaining how “soft” it has become, or the refs making fouls on the smallest of thing, etc. I still love it ever since watching it as a kid and there’s still such a high level of intense competition to this day, IMO.

Are exploding barbed wire death matches off the table in North America for a generation after how the end of Revolution turned out? Generally indies copy and then run into the ground stuff that has worked in the big companies, but I can’t see even the bigger indies trying to do an exploding barbed wire death match now.


Diego from San Antonio

From GLOW to American Vandal, it feels that some great shows aren’t destined to finish conclusively. Are there any shows you wanted just one more season of to finish off properly?

Good morning

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-John what is your all time fav Randy Couture fight? Mine is the Nogueria fight also the james tony one

-Wai if you could make improvements on the sound and quality of the post podcast what could you do

-my dad took my mom for a procedure and they took my brothers daughter. So my brother Simon who quit watching wrestling after sting fell off the tron by vampiro and he saw the crash pad called my father to ask how she was doing. My father goes oh she is great I took them to “fish fillet” it’s chick fillet we laughed

Talk to you soon happy brithday my fellow Aries brother pollock


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Brandon from Oshawa

Does it ever annoy you when callers constantly ask you how you’re doing? I ask, because I used to listen to Mike Wilner after Jays games, before work. While I could not stand the guy, one of my favorite things he did, was his snarky responses he gave, to people who constantly asked the same question, call after call.

Same thing when people call in to The LAW as well. LOL, I think Pollock once said to incoming callers and “they are doing good” so that they won’t ask the same question over again. haha


Roy from Rhode Island.

Two hindsight questions for you guys:

  1. What, if anything could have salvaged Goldberg’s 2003/2004 WWE run? Would him winning the title at Summerslam 03 have been enough, or was he always going to be hampered by the the one year contract and WWE’s attitude toward booking ex WCW stars?

  2. What, if anything could have salvaged Jinder Mahal’s WWE title run?

Vince from Sacramento, CA

Hi John and Wai, huge fan here. I have a more challenging question that I’d love to get your opinions on. As a current philosophy student at the graduate level, I wanted to get your opinions on a very controversial topic in metaphysics, what do you guys think happened before the Big Bang? How were the first things put in motion to cause the big bang and the origins of our universe? Theists often try to use this to say there was some supernatural mind involved, but what are your guys thoughts? Thanks again for all of your hard work!

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Erin from Brampton

  1. John, how are you enjoying this season of Riverdale? What are your overall thoughts on how the season is playing out?

  2. What is the worst date you guys have been on?

Your recent editions of Rewind a Raw have been absolutely brilliant. However my favourite podcast in recent times was your survivor series post show with Mike Murray and WH Park (Sorry John). So my questions are:

  1. John did you listen to that episode and what were your thoughts
  2. Wai have you noticed anything strange about Dominic Mysterious’ running?

First off, I thought your interview with Big E was superb and important to have, John, and likewise with the run of The Wellness Policy so far, Wai.

I was surprised at how … turned off I was at Christian’s AEW debut. I’m 31, Christian brought me over to TNA; I’m a fan, and have been since I was a teen, but it just made me think again of how old and white wrestling is (something all companies are guilty of, don’t worry, I’m an equal opportunity hater). I’m listening to you guys right now on RASD discussing the cynicism you (and many more of us) have with regards to Hogan hosting Mania with Titus, and I really see this old whiteness (and overt racism in cases like Hogan’s) within wrestling as its major problem. I heard Bryan Alvarez complaining the other day about how old the average AEW (and WWE) audience is (47+), and I can only think of how, despite pundits talking about star creation concerning the many talented performers littering wrestling now, the most obvious thing that any of these companies hasn’t tried in order to reverse the aging viewing trend is to consistently and significantly highlight POC, queer performers, and women, or to give these types of performers more powerful roles backstage. Why are the Hurt Business so hot? Why did that Rosa/Baker match triple NXT’s main event? Why do the majority of the joshi women either major company pushes seem to get over? I think wrestling fans are not only ready, but pining for more diversity and representation. So, I suppose my ultimate question is, don’t you guys think that the next logical step to combat an aging or declining audience/demo is to reach out to new audiences by putting more minority performers and women in not only pushed, main event roles, but non-televised roles with actual, active power?

(You guys don’t have to read this part, I know this is too long already)
EDIT: Is there anything older and whiter and demonstrative of institutional barriers than breaking up The Hurt Business, your unapologetically black main event group, right before Mania AND being unclear and seemingly flippant with your top female performer’s phantom pregnancy that immediately necessitated you cancelling her appearances but not covering your bases and double-checking your medical approach toward her? Fucking embarrassing

Christian’s first match in AEW convinced me that he’s going to be a great addition to the roster. However, while his match with Kazarian was a great technical wrestling match and Frankie looked good while losing, I never believed that they would have Christian lose his debut match.

This got me thinking. In most sports when an athlete comes out of retirement the whole question is whether they still have it or not. Should they have returned at all? Can they still keep up?

Do you think a story, where a returning wrestler debuts with a losing streak while they shake off the ring-rust, could work? Given the quasi-sports-like-presentation that AEW goes for, it would make sense. At least in this case, someone who hasn’t had a singles match in seven-years should struggle at first. I think eventually you would need an angle where someone fires them up to re-find their fire and they go on a redemption arc. But I would love to see something like this. Do you think this could work?

Worst experience with any type of recreational drugs.
ie, bad trips, scary highs, idiot high friends.
Alcohol included of course.
Steve from Cambridge

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If you guys were both stuck on respective desert islands, what book and what luxury item would you like to have with you ?


Phil from WV,

Congrats on PWPD! Been a LONG while since posting/chatting for me but I’m as tuned in on the podcast side of things as ever. Great work as always, proud paetron.

With AEW being as faction heavy as it is, I think it could be cool for this to lead to some kind of faction based PPV concept and Blood & Guts could main event said show. Could be interesting. Thoughts?