ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

Tenese from GA

Hi, John and Wai wondering your opinions on when is the fine line between paying homage to a wrestler or blatantly ripping them off? Take care.

Just listened to the Ms. Marvel episode 6 review. Excellent work from the four of you. When you two started Post, could you have ever imagined that you were creating a forum where people of all colors, races, nationalities, religions and ages are coming together to honestly discuss issues of the day?

I love the chances you take in programming because they pay off in the most refreshing and intellectual ways. Education, discussion and honesty lead to healing. Thank you.


Hi guys, hope everyone is enjoying the summer. I wanted to ask about Jim Cornette for a while now. The more I listen to him, the less I feel I can wrap my head around his public persona. He’s everyone’s favorite grumpy old man, yet his critique is rarely stupid or unestablished. Many people respect his opinion, which seems right because he worked EVERYWHERE from the territories to WWF and then in indie promotions. I have been following his career for over 30 years, and it seems to me that everywhere he went, he was always a straight shooter. But then there’s his involvement in the Montreal scruejob and the ridiculous Meltzer feud (for lack of a better term). Can you enlighten me about Jim Cornette of 2022 so I can fully understand what’s happening here?

As Canadians that were alive in the 90s, what was it like being there for Wayne Gretzky’s peak years? I’m British so have no reference for ice hockey, but know he was a super-athlete on par with the Jordans/Ronaldos/Agassi’s etc.

If you’d indulge a quick bonus question, have either of you seen Jon Bois’ sports data documentaries for SB Nation? His film with Felix Biederman, Fighting in the Age of Loneliness, is a great cultural analysis of MMA and late capitalism. (It’s great, believe me!)

Thoughts on the MCU news from Comic Con? Apologies if you’ve gone over this perhaps on a G1 show I’ve missed.

What are some of the things about black and gold NXT you hope the new regime bring to Raw and Smackdown?

Anthony from Melbourne

Just wanted to say I will miss the daily news show, I have no idea how yous managed to put out such amazing content on that schedule for that long but it was good while it lasted.

I am hopeful once Wai is back you guys can bring a scaled down version of the news back. Some adjustments I thought of to make it more manageable would be not doing the show live, having more fill-in hosts, skip weekends and amalgamate news into review shows again. It would still mean 2 extra shows a week so ultimately it all depends on what is achievable for you guys as work/life balance is very important.

The main reason I am hopeful your news reporting returns is I really respect your integrity in reporting and not using click-bait spoiler filled headings. I mostly consume my wrestling news while driving, so having an audio form was amazing for me. I found myself no longer watching YouTube channels that create stories out of rumours and use misleading headings to get views, anything you guys report feels genuine and trustworthy and I really value that!

A loaded question (feel free to skip as theres a good chance you have already covered off on a lot of this).

Do you think Vince’s departure hurts AEW?

I ask because I think there will be renewed interest in WWE from the fans including those who had given up on WWE and were only watching AEW. It also gives talent a more optimistic view on their chances in WWE such as MJF having more leeway to be MJF, especially if RAW does change to TV-14.

Also, do you think there were ulterior reasons for the departure of Stephanie and Hunter from their previous roles? If you look at their reasons for leaving those roles, it makes no sense for them to be taking on their current roles.

Thanks again for all your hard work and I hope Wai enjoys some well deserved time off!

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With all the talk of impending fatherhood. What has been the been your favourite wrestling storyline involving a Dad?
Cheers and good luck! Dan from London


Hi John and Wai - Hope you are having nice day. Did either of you interact with or know the members of The Basketball Jones podcast (Tas Melas, Jason Doyel, JE Skeets, Matt Osten) when you were at Ryerson/TMU? They’ve later gone on to be the Starters at NBA TV with Trey Kerby and Leigh Ellis and No Dunks at The Athletic. Wondering if my favorite wrestling podcasters ever crossed paths with my favorite basketball podcasters.

Will in Chicago

I know that Wai loves Saga and it is the only comic book he is currently buying monthly.

I wanted to know what Characteristics of Vaughan’s writing you find enjoyable, annoying, interesting etc.

Also, what is your top Bkv book other than Saga? Any interest in the Paper Girls prime TV series?

Also, hi John! Love your parenting advice since adding baby 2 to your brood.

Have a great summer guys!

Did Yujiro Takahashi ever have a “good” run in njpw? Been watching since 2017 and man it’s been rough. Especially his G1 runs.

Joe B

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Jesse from the 6

I have some questions about “Black Saturday” that I hope you’ll be able to shed some light upon.

  1. Did Vince McMahon buy all of Georgia Championship Wrestling, part of GCW, or did he just buy the timeslot somehow?

  2. If Vince did indeed buy GCW outright, did he not get any wrestlers out of the purchase? I’m only aware of Jack and Gerry Brisco working a handful of matches for the Fed before Jack left and Gerry moved behind the scenes.

  3. Did WWF actually run shows in Georgia during this time? In my mind, the Georgia territory was quickly subsumed by Jim Crockett Promotions, but was there a year period when the state was dominated by WWF live events?

Thank you for your time.
Take Care

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A common question asked of wrestling Dads is ‘would you let your child become a wrestler?’

My question to Wai is, would you want your child to follow in your footsteps, specifically around the Post-Production side of things, or would you suggest they follow in their mother’s footsteps?


Do you feel that ROH is a promotion that wrestling fans claimed to have followed just from name recognition? Specifically, was ROH a promotion that a very vocal minority potentially propped up for likely over a decade? It feels very telling that the ROH name is so low on AEW that it only gets its time on Rampage at best.

Love what you guys do. I listen to a ton of podcasts and one topic i hear brought up by many people is the LA dojo from 20 years ago. The names that were assembled. Nakamura. Machida. Danielson anderson. Romero. Joe. Etc. Is there a documentary or book or podcast done on that time with all that talent that you can suggest? Im fascinated on finding something to refer to. If not does that topic interest you in doing something on it? Article, podcast or Book? Thanks fellas.

Anthony from Detroit

What are your thoughts on Stadium shows? Does it look better for the WWE to have 35,000 people in a football stadium that holds 70,000 or 15,000 in a sold out NHL arena? I get it for Mania or overseas shows but I prefer the intimate confines of arenas for the in person and tv experience.

Mannie from pacoima

John and Wai, the two of you have each started your own f1 rival team. Who are each of you choosing as your 2 drivers?

Miguel from LA

Hi John and Wai,
Obviously AEW can and should do more with their women division. In my opinion, they have made improvements with the wrestlers they’ve signed and now we see women involved in multiple storylines.
AEW most always have the women wrestlers on at the 9:30 time slot. I have seen many people say this is a bad time slot. Do you guys know why is it a bad time slot?

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Hello! I wanted to ask you two on the 2-3 changes you would make to AEW’s presentation. This can be for PPVs or TV shows. For example, a change I would like to see is less segments on an episode of Dynamite so an angle can breathe.

Hey guys,

Before my son, Walter, was born we knew the sex and told our family. The only thing we kept until he was born was the name. (Took my wife some convincing)
John, did you find out the sex of your kids before they were born and tell others, or did you wait to be surprised?
Wai, have you found out yet or are you waiting to be surprised?

Roy from Rhode Island

Insomuch as you’re comfortable doing, could you discuss your relationship with your siblings?

How important have these relationships been to you?

How have changed as you’ve grown up?

In Wai’s case, how have you been able to maintain that relationship while being in different countries for so many years?