ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

Two quick questions if I get in on time.

  1. You spoke about John Cena on the latest review a wai and his ability in matches like the ones against AJ to deliver.

Where do you think John Cenas legacy will fall as a in ring wrestler with fans now and in years to come in comparison to the level of his hate his run encountered from smart fans initially.?

And if Rock vs Roman does in fact happen at WM39 how likely do you think it would be for the title or can you envisage a scenario where it’s not for the the belt and maybe Cody faces a Drew who wins the belt at clash in a night one main event? If the belt is on the line the likelihood of rock winning is obviously decreased also

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Alexander from Portland

RAW has been a three-hour show for a very long time and you continue to watch it week after week. It makes me curious, what are some of your favorite movies that are at least three hours? Do you think you could manage watching a three hour movie every week?

Were you guys ever fans of the late-night talk show format growing up? Which one was your favorite. For me, Conan was one of those people that inspired me to get into studying broadcasting along with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert later into my teens.

Roy from Rhode Island

Hi guys,

You were both already largely working from home pre-pandemic, but that said, are there any aspects of working in a communal environment (rather than working in an office as such) that you miss from your days at your previous workplaces?

Sal from California

When you go to a live wrestling show, do you find that you still get caught up in the action as a fan or is it all business? For example, at Wrestlemania XXX were you cheering and yelling when Bryan won the title or were you more focused on taking notes for the upcoming podcast?

Luk from Quebec!

This is a serious question: With all the progress made toward gender equality in wrestling, wouldn’t it be time to start calling it the “Men’s World Championship”? Either that, or to stop calling the women’s title the “Women’s Championship”. We already know which gender is competing for these belts, so why specify? It should be the same naming convention for both. This might seem like a really minor detail, but it presents the men’s title as the “default” and the women’s as the “other” title.

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Do you guys miss recording in person on a regular basis? Or thanks to the pandemic do you wish you got the idea of recording remotely much sooner due to convenience?

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Hello, guys! I just recently got a new job where I will be required to do a bit of public speaking and I’m a bit nervous about it. How did you get comfortable public speaking or having your voice recorded?

When Vince made his national expansion in the 80s it was almost like a cheat code to succeed when he raided the territories for the best talent and put them all in one place. Do you see any parallels between Vince snapping up the best of the territories and Tony Khan plucking the best from the indies?