ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

What’s that one meal from scratch (or close to it) you can cook yourself that you would proudly serve a guest?

Alexander from Portland

What have been your favorite sodas?

Sorry guys edited to add a second question if you don’t mind…

  1. Question probably more so for John but Wai something to look forward to …

This weekend I took my kids to a soft play and entered a ball pit. To get to the floor you had to wade through some balls so in an attempt to save one child from injury I slipped on a ball and jarred my back and couldn’t walk for a few days.

My question therefore is whether either of you have had injuries because of trying to save your child from themselves!

  1. Been watching a lot of 90s royal rumbles lately and noticed a lot of talent from Japanese companies being used, most of whom I don’t recognise. Could you maybe give some background about how this came about and if anything notable came from it?

Steve from Virginia Beach,

I recently rewatched Wrestling With Shadows. In the scene with The Hart Foundation riding in the limousine, I noticed a man next to Bret that I was unfamiliar with.
After a quick Google search I learned it was Carl De Marco who apparently was Bret’s business manager as well as WWF Canadian President.

I was wondering what exactly his duties as Canadian President of WWF would have been during that time?

And after all that has been said about the Montreal Screwjob, I realize I’ve never heard Carl De Marco speak on it. Clearly he must have been there as well. Do you know if he has ever spoke in depth about the event or has he really gone this long with no comment.

Thanks and Happy 5 Year Anniversary!

Hey guys been a minute since we spoke been a while since I’ve been asked to Wai nah mean nah saying? Yah feel what I’m throwing down? Anywhoo it’s brandon Frm nj by the way just a quick question to deposit into the Ask-A-Wai reservoir…with NXT using mentors and mentees and with the addition of Soul Rucca and her using a surf gimmick do you think it’s time for the fed to call up Surfer Ray Oddessy? Decreed by Taz as one of the best guys he has ever worked with. I’ll hang up and listen

Roy from Rhode Island

What positive traits from your own parents approaches do you hope to emulate (or feel you do emulate) in your own parenting?

If the somewhat old news of Jarrett planning live events is true, don’t you think that’s a bit of a mistake? They bulk tape everything on Dynamite and those rarely sell out anymore. Wouldn’t you just run Wednesdays for Dynamite, Fridays for Rampage and Elevation, and weekend PPVs instead of random live events (which were actually a money loser for WWE right before the pandemic)? I think twice a week for Rampage and Dynamite is all you’re getting away with for live events considering the current popularity of AEW and the cost of living right now.

Unrelated: do you see NOAH as a potential landing spot for Ibushi if he doesn’t want to move to America? They are the second-biggest men’s promotion in Japan and Ibushi could be a great box office draw that they need after Mutoh retires next month.

John, are you doing Elf on the Shelf?

Luk from Quebec

Whenever a wrestler goes through some difficult event in their lives, (surmounting an illness or injury, surviving an accident, growing up poor, losing a loved one), I’ve often heard you say that “they have a great story to tell”. However, besides them talking about their struggle in a single sit-down interview or video package (because doing it repeatedly every week just creates a Lacey Evans situation), I don’t really see how this stuff can be used to build up a wrestling feud. What do you think is the best way to use this stuff to build up to a story?

Sal from California

I have a question for John. I’ve been watching some mid 80s WWF and one of the performers I’ve enjoyed seeing is Adrian Adonis.

I’m wondering if you know anything about why he was fired from the WWF back in 1987. Wikipedia says he was fired for dress code violations which seems odd to me. Just curious if you’ve ever read anything that elaborated on this.

Branavan From Ajax:

In "honour"of Royal Rumble 2023 hosting the First Ever™️ Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match featuring Bray Wyatt vs LA Knight, what other flavors of MTN Dew/other sodas would you like to see featured as a match?

Saeed from vancouver.

Do you think the WWE would ever put the WWE or Universal title on Sami Zayn seeing how Saudi typically wants the champions on the shows?

Dave from Brisbane

Hey guys do either of you listen to any F1 related podcasts? Apologies if this is something that has been asked before

Imran from Huddersfield

Really enjoyed the Best/Worst of 2022 podcast guys, can I get your winners for a couple of other categories that I think are worthwhile?

Best Spot of the Year - (eg. Sammy Guevara Ladder Cutter/ Tractor)
Segment/Promo of the Year
Biggest Waste/Lost opportunity of the Year

And if you have time for non-wrestling - Best Movie you watched last year?

Nic from Chatham,

With Vince McMahon being back with WWE and with all of the scandal surrounding him, do you think that reduces the chance of Dwayne Johnson returning to WWE?

Hello Fellas!

Were you guys into museums at all whether historical, science, music, etc.? I’ve personally always enjoyed those field trips in grade school since Chicago has a variety of museums all over and in the future I would love to go to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto one day. Just wondering if you have any favorites.

I was watching the December 7th, 1998 Raw. The one where Taker hung Stone Cold from his “symbol”. The whole show was commentated by Cole and King, however there is several points in the show you can clearly see its King and JR sitting at the announce desk. In those momements King is definitely not mouthing what I’m hearing. At one point Cole did say that JR’s mom had passed that week but he was obviously there calling the show. Any idea why they would dub over the entire show?

Rod from England

I feel House of Black are criminally underused in AEW. I thought their return would be a reboot for them but they still get next to nothing on Dynamite.

Why won’t AEW push one of their best teams, Malaki should be going up against Omega and Danielson?

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To John - what’s the story behind your Late Night with Conan O’Brien mug? Mostly asking because I’ve been a huge fan of Conan as far back as I can remember. He shaped me and my friends’ humor growing up. I’m hoping someday that Danhausen successfully lures Conan to AEW to follow up on his appearance on Conan O’Brien Needs a Fan from a few years ago.

Anthony from Detroit

Cheers guys

Do you guys think Karrion Kross has a chance to get over with wwe main roster fans? I thought I saw a future main roster world champion when Kross was in NXT and then he was called to up to raw and his NXT entrance was gone, he lost quick matches and then had the dumb gladiator mask before he was released. Now that he is back he is just another guy. Did his brief raw run ruin his wwe main roster career?

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