ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

Who took the stunner the worst, Linda McMahon or Trump?

I just became a subscriber to the Wrestling Observer and it’s definitely worth my time and money. I want to ask you guys what other newsletters would you guys recommend for me to check out. Do you also recommend Wade Keller’s Pro Wrestling Torch? Also, if you guys were stuck in the WWE video library for an entire 24 hours and could watch any tapes from any of the classic territories, which would you guys pick?

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Who attacked Hideo Itami in the NXT parking lot?


Is there anything you’d love to review if you had the time to do so? And if you were a wrestler what would your theme song be?

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My favorite reviews thus far in the Post wrestling cafe are the documentary and movie reviews. In my opinion there is a distinct correlation with wrestling fans and comic book fans. With that being said when are we going to get a bi weekly or even monthly show of review a Marvel? My suggestion is you do reviews chronologically to the story in a whole. It would be great to hear a summary for someone like me who enjoyed the individual movies but got lost in the overall plot of the avengers. I think it would be a fantastic addition to the cafe

What are your thoughts on the Barstool Sports super amateur fighting ppvs they’ve been having, that Bill Burr is calling. Have you watched any of it? Personally I think it’s exploitive and disgusting, much like barstool Sports, but I’d like your guys opinion on it.

Jesse from the 6

Wai, if I recall correctly, you were at the Wintergarden Theatre for Ali Wong’s recording of “Hard Knock Wife”. Have you seen the Netflix special yet?

If so, how similar was the Netflix show to the live performance? In the Netflix special she makes no reference to being in Toronto, but does make references to LA which she then has to explain. Furthermore, she bizarrely makes no reference to her being once again VERY pregnant, which I thought funny. Were these things she mentioned live?

Take Care

Matt from Tennessee

Which wrestlers from the current WWE roster do you think will be released by the end of the year or pull a Neville and get fed up and leave? I can imagine Hideo leaving, guy is seriously being wasted.

Mark from Adelaide, Australia

Wai, thank you for recommending Terrace House. My girlfriend and I are obsessed. Currently watching Boys & Girls Next Door on Japanese Nextflix.

What are some of your favourite characters/moments from the series? The situation with Daiki and his kickboxing career really struck a chord with me as a wrestling fan.


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Valentin from Cologne, Germany

By taking on all sorts of beloved Babyfaces like AJ Styles, Undertaker and Daniel Bryan over the last few months, I have the feeling that WWE is actively trying to stop the cheers for Rusev, because they don’t want another hot fan favorite that they did not pick for this role.
What is your take on that and what do you think is his further path for 2018?

Imran from Huddersfield

As far as I’m aware you guys have never reviewed Wrestlemania 6, both at POST or your previous incarnation… So I have 2 quick questions about that event.

  1. What was the deal with Roddy Piper’s half black body paint (wasn’t it a bit racist?)… and

  2. What are your thoughts on the Main Event - is it a great match or did the crowd make it one - and also what do you think about Hogan’ saying he went “Into business for himself” at the end in trying to get himself over in defeat, as he knew Warrior wouldn’t last as the top guy.

Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

So I’ve now herd on a few podcast you both discuss about watching DragonBall Super. I’ve recently been going back and re-watching from the beginning on Dragon Ball.

So my questions are 1. How long have you both been watching Dragon Ball for, & 2. are their any other Anime or Manga that you enjoy?

Dustin from Maui:

Wai: Terrace House: Do you prefer the season to be in Japan or abroad? I definitely want to see more content in Tokyo. And maybe a NJPW “Young Lion” in the house. It would be cool to see an up-and-coming wrestler, trying to make it.

John: Aqua, Real McCoy, Technotronic, or Ace of Base?

Which European city, that you’ve never been to, would you guys most like to visit and why?

For both; do you guys have any product that you like collecting or that you used to and fell off. For example I have a huge Blu-Ray/4K collection, as well as LEGO sets and Funko Pops.

Any property you wished could be turned into a movie or tv show, like from a video game, book or toy franchise?

Jonathan from Richmond, VA

Is there any heat between POST Wrestling and Sunday Night’s Main Event? Seems there have been subtle cheap shots since it’s launch, and I’m just curious if we can expect some exemptions from this year’s Christmas Rumble.

Long time listener, keep up the highest quality work.

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Hey guys,

Glad to see you have moved on to bigger and better things.

I wanted to ask you about Cellphones. What providers do you guys use? Are you satisfied with the service? What are your thoughts on the fact that Canadians pay some of the highest rates for cellphone packages around the world?

Hi guys… I wanted to ask if you have any plans for November 2019? I am best man for the wedding of James Rose (we both Patrons) and both have babies with John Pollock and Wai Ting guy prints (thanks Wai)… so I can get you into the wedding or stag doo if you fancy visiting Wales?

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I’ve always wondered how you guys ended up interview Bob Mould from Hüsker Dü on the old show, did you know he was a WCW writer going in?

What was your favorite year in pro wrestling and why?

Mine’s always been 1998 because of the Austin mcmahon feud aND WCW was still watchable with the rise of goldberg aND nwo wolfpac. Your reviews in the past have made me really like wwe 2000 and I also love all things 1997.

What do you guys think?