ASK-A-WAI: Questions Thread

Imran from Huddersfield

Interested in hearing more of Wai thoughts as a non-football fan on the Beckham documentary. Specifically, what impression did the documentary give you of how good a footballer Beckham was, and what - if anything - did you think of Gary Neville?! (You can’t go long in the UK without hearing Neville’s opinion on something!)

As a huge Man United fan, I always feel how good Beckham the footballer was gets lost amongst his celebrity. Also, my main takeaway from the documentary was that every single penny Beckham spent on media training was money well spent! The difference between his interviews as a young player to how he is now is night & day.

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Hey John & Wai :wave: Last time I called in was straight after the Wembley show (with my mate asleep in the hotel :rofl::rofl:) I mentioned about the noticable lack of commentary, I have been to a few UK events over the years & actually I think this would have enhanced each one. I would like to get your thoughts on if WWE or AEW have ever trialled a “headphone solution” where all the audience have the option to hire / purchase (low cost) a single ear headphone which can access the buildings commentary feed. This is already used in the UK for snooker to hear the commentary & some rugby games to hear the referee. Also your own thoughts if you think this would be worth exploring / would improve in your opinion, thanks as always, Carl from the UK

Hi both, Jamie from Cambridge, UK

With the conversation with RAW moving nights, do you see them moving to Tuesdays with the bringing of big names over to Tuesday nights recently i feel there is a bit of a movement to adjust viewing habits somewhat of watchers making it more normal for non “main roster” viewers to tune in. Thoughts?

Also if RAW does move nights where could you see it going? Could you see them going for Wednesdays if they do would Tony Khan change his stance on Monday nights or will the NFL/Premier League games still be conflicting for him

Keep up the good work!

Mahmood from Bahrain

Hoping to sneak this in time and also if I’m not allowed a double question my apologies.

How would you handle the Victory Road 2011 incident with Jeff Hardy and Sting if you guys were in charge of TNA?

Roy from Rhode Island

Hi John and Wai,

I asked a guy on a previous rewind a wai about why had led to your initial decision to keep all of your shows ad-free, and whether you’d ever revisit this stance. Now that you’ve been working with advertisers for a little bit:

  1. How has your experience working with advertisers been in general?

  2. When you began incorporating ads, did you have any red lines for the kinds of products/services you wouldn’t advertise, and has anything changed on this front?

  3. I live in the U.S., but would like to occasionally watch tv shows from other countries. Has humankind arrived at any incredible service that could accomplish such a feat?

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Worst meal you’ve ever had at home or someone’s house, no matter who the person who made it was?

Every time I hear Rhea Ripley referred to as “The Eradicator,” I chuckle and think of The Eradicator skit from Kids in the Hall. The Kids in the Hall - The Eradicator (S1E01) on Vimeo

Do either of you have any favorite Kids in the Hall characters or skits?


Were either you fans of late-night talk shows growing up? Which ones were your favorites to watch? For me, Conan O’Brien and Jon Stewart were constant watches for myself and others as teenagers in the 2000s for their quick-wittiness and intelligence.

Hey guys,
any chance for a Europe trip for Backlash in France or Bash in Berlin in Germany? I maybe even could offer a place to stay for Bash in Berlin :smile:

Hey, I enjoy Ask-a-Wai! with AZM wanting to face IYO SKY if she wins the NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship at STARDOM Nagoya Big Winter 2023 Do we see a WWE/STARDOM partnership if that happens?

John from Montana

Hey guys, it’s been a minute…

I caught a two part documentary on Youtube about the downfall of the Canadian telco company NORTEL and its effects on the Canadian economy.

While I was aware of the company, I had no idea how large the company ended up being and how much of an impact it had on the lives of Canadians when the stock crashed in the early 2000s. It was indicated in the documentary that the effects are still being felt today.

I’m curious how aware of NORTEL’s downfall you were, and if it had an effect on you or your family at the time.

Link to the documentary for the curious:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Hi guys,

Have you sensed a lack of joy on screen from the Young Bucks over the last year plus? While their in ring work has been stellar as usual, I can’t help but notice they seem to have lost their smile and gone are the days of nWo lite from New Japan and PWG or even the energy from early AEW.


Brian in Cleveland

Hey John & Wai,

I always considered Survivor Series to be the number 4 WWE PPV & back in the 90’s the “traditional” Survivor Series events (5 vs 5 down to 1 winner) as one as my favourite events of year, do you know why WWE have moved away from ever doing this recently, appreciate the War Games format is the new “flavour” but why not stick to the tradition?

Thanks as always to all the great work you both do.

Carl from the UK

Alexander from Portland

I know it’s early but do you have any predictions for the G1 winner for 2024? Many top guys like Okada, Tanahashi, and Naito don’t need another victory. Top guys in AEW like Omega, Moxley, and eventually Ospreay likely won’t participate due to AEW obligations. While guys like EVIL, SANADA, David Finlay, and ZSJ are pushed in the company, it’s hard to see them winning the tournament and main eventing the Tokyo Dome. My early money is on Yota Tsuji, and if he signs with the company I could see Katsuhiko Nakajima winning it too. Either way I see 2024 being the year someone gets their first G1 victory.


Imran from Huddersfield

Off the back of your Wrestlemania 17 review, I enjoyed hearing you both hypothesize about the different directions that WWE could have gone after Mania with Austin/HHH/Rock etc. So to that end, I’d like to hear what you would have done following one of the most infamous angles of the last 20 or so years - the orginal Nexus “invasion” on Raw. How would you have booked them coming out of that hot angle? How could WWE have effectively managed a 9 man group, and what would the end goal/target have been with them?

Also random aside, apologies in advance if I don’t get a Christmas jingle submitted this year - I’m spending all of December in South Africa so I’m not sure I’ll get the time to contribute something, and I probably won’t be feeling very christmassy in 32 degrees C (95 F) heat!

Luk from Québec!

One of my least favorite eras of wrestling was the dreadful Guest RAW GM era of 2009-2010… I hated how every show had to be built around them, they intruded into storylines, and while you had the odd big wrestling fan among them, most were just a terrible fit. I guess my question is, did this stuff actually have a positive impact on ratings and viewership at the time, or did we suffer for nothing? Do you guys have any Best / Worst picks for Guest RAW GMs that spring to mind?

Nas from NYC

Firstly I want to really commend you guys on your coverage of Saudi Arabia’s sportwashing from your brilliant Formula One episode earlier in the year to your coverage of the recent WWE show.

My question is what do you think the future is of this WWE/Saudi Business partnership when the current deal ends? Especially now that the roles have reversed from when the deal started as it’s clear WWE needs Saudi way more than Saudi needs WWE.

Anthony from Melbourne

Whats your take on the current criticism of the more sports entertainment presentation of the AEW product?

It seems that AEWs viewership/demo has stagnated and even declined. If the product is too wrestling oriented to attract new fans, I think Tony needs to try new things to engage more of an audience.

The tricky part is finding the balance of keeping AEW unique, providing good wrestling and match quality, while also adding some “entertainment” to satisfy the existing fans and attract new fans at the same time.

Or is this not the right strategy to try grow AEWs audience and should they stick to providing a product that appeals mostly to the hardcore wrestling fans so they don’t loose them.

I just canceled directv after 15 years. I have a buddy who hooked me up with all the channels live you could think of (sports/dif countries/movies) for 20 bucks a month. Hit me up postmarks if you want in. Seriously. Where in the world can i watch aew past shows and their ppv library. When will they be on max. Probably my only complaint with aew not being on a legit streaming service after almost 5 years. Quickly what does it say about aew that just about all the top free agents are choosing AEW. Thanks for all you do.

What’s up, y’all?

What were your favorite school subjects/extracurriculars growing up?