Bandido, Komander & Kento Miyahara scheduled for GLEAT's July 1st show

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Talent announcements for GLEAT’s July 1st show. 

Tokyo Dome City Hall is playing host to GLEAT’s July 1st event. The promotion made additional talent and match announcements as the shows inches closer. 

Multi-time AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion Kento Miyahara is making his return to GLEAT. Also making their returns to the promotion are AEW’s Bandido and Komander. 

Bandido, Miyahara and El Lindaman are going to be in a six-man tag against Kaito Ishida, Kotaro Suzuki and Flamita. 

This past November, Bandido signed with AEW and Komander officially joined the company in April of this year.