Becky and Charlotte situation

Seems to have been widely reported that you got in a fight backstage after they were unhappy about how the segment went down pretty quick a lot of relevant points from that including:

-Charlotte and Becky both hated the idea
-Charlotte wanted to lose clean to Bianca
-Becky wanted to pose with two belts
-they haven’t been friends since the ‘plastic’ promo
-Vince is angry Charlotte left

I must say the idea that Charlotte flair could leave and go to AEW is huge. I really hope this makes it happen as Vince has to be a first class idiot to not realize why that was a stupid idea and segment as opposed to just having Charlotte lose.

I mean how hard was it to have Bianca beat Charlotte, especially when Charlotte was pushing for the idea, and then have Banks Pin Belair - setting up the proper champions on each brand? Instead they came up with this stupidity and it’s no surprise everyone is upset.

In the end if this does push Charlotte to AEW it would be huge. That would give them their first legitimate woman star outside of Britt and the build up to Britt versus Charlotte would be the biggest women’s match of atheist promotion and likely headline the pay-per-view

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