Best friend of Ashley Massaro corroborates 2006 allegations

Originally published at Best friend of Ashley Massaro corroborates 2006 allegations

WARNING: This article contains descriptions of sexual assault

Cara Pipia, who was best friends with Ashley Massaro, appeared on News Nation and corroborated Massaro’s allegations of being sexually assaulted in 2006.

Pipia was interviewed by Ashleigh Banfield recounted Massaro’s state after returning from a WWE goodwill tour of the Middle East in 2006. Pipia shared that Massaro spent eight hours crying on her lap, sharing the details of what occurred.

Massaro provided an affidavit for lawyers Konstantine Kyros and Erica Mirabella in a lawsuit filed against WWE, which was dismissed in 2018.

In the affidavit, Massaro shared details of being raped and sodomized by an unknown individual, who Massaro described as an Army doctor but may have been part of the Navy. This occurred while Massaro was being treated for dehydration on the tour and stated that the man in question administered her with an IV and rendered her helpless.

When I arrived at the sickbay, an IV was placed in my arm almost immediately. After sitting with the IV in my arm for what felt like hours, Jimmy Hart came to check up on me and make sure I was ok. I told him I was fine but that they wouldn’t let me leave because they said I had to wait to see a doctor. Jimmy said he and the rest of the group were going to get lunch and left.

Another couple of hours went by and then a man appeared in the sickbay, dressed in an orange t-shirt and cargo shorts, and I had heard others comment that it was his birthday. He represented himself as a US Army doctor but I observed that all the other doctors at the facility had been wearing scrubs so I do not know whether this was true. He was with a woman who was dressed in full military fatigues.

While I was still in the sickbay, he approached me and almost immediately administered an IV of an unknown substance in my other arm. Almost immediately after, the alleged doctor and the woman in fatigues moved me into a room that did not appear to be a treatment room and placed me on a table. The woman guarded the door while the man proceeded to inject me with a drug that caused me to be unable to move my body or to scream. The man then proceeded to violently rape and sodomize me. I was completely helpless to defend myself against this attack as the drug he injected rendered me temporarily paralyzed. Despite being unable to control my movements, I remained fully conscious for every second of the attack. I felt excruciating pain as a result of this man penetrating me by force and against my will, in a violent and aggressive manner, while I was completely defenseless. Each second that went by was excruciating and I have never felt more helpless or been more terrified in my entire life.

The experience was a living nightmare. I don’t know exactly how long this went on for but if felt like an eternity. The suffering I endured far surpassed all the injuries I had ever suffered in the ring put together; I was experiencing not only severe physical pain but severe emotional and psychological trauma. I have always considered myself to be a fighter and survivor so I can’t even find the words to describe what it felt like to be thrown on a table and stripped and then brutalized in the worst possible way that one human being is capable of brutalizing another – all while being unable to move or speak.

In addition to the pain and terror, I felt almost dehumanized, and was extremely disturbed by the feeling that I was somehow given to this man as some type of sick birthday present, and it also made me sick that the female soldier willingly guarded the door for him while he raped me without blinking an eye.

Pipia described there being multiple people who assaulted Massaro. She added that an unnamed WWE executive wrapped Massaro in a blanket after the assault and removed her from the room.

In the affidavit, Massaro stated she informed the others on tour – Ron Simmons, Jimmy Hart, and Maria Kanellis but insisted they not share her story with anyone. WWE doctor Ferdinand Rios approached Massaro to speak about the incident, and Massaro was unaware of how he found out. Dr. Rios has stated that when he spoke with John Laurinaitis, he was aware of the incident.

Pipia corroborated that everyone knew “all the way to the top” including Vince and Stephanie McMahon.

In 2019, WWE issued a statement denying any knowledge of the sexual assault.

At no time was Vince McMahon or the management of WWE ever informed by Ashley Massaro or anybody else that she had been sexually assaulted, drugged, raped or sodomized by a military doctor with a nurse standing guard while on a goodwill tour in 2007 to U.S. military bases in Kuwait. In fact, if she ever articulated such a claim to WWE, we would have reported it immediately to the Base Commander.

At no time was there ever a meeting with Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunn, John Laurinaitis or other company executives in which she told them of such a claim and was instructed to keep it quiet.

This was contradicted by Laurinaitis’ lawyer Edward Brennan, who recently spoke with VICE News stating his client was aware of the situation but denied that there was a “cover-up”.

Any allegations that Mr. Laurinaitus helped to cover up an alleged rape allegation is an outright lie. Johnny, like most upper level management at sometime became aware of the allegations and ensured all proper WWE protocols were followed, including privacy for the alleged victim. We object to the use of the term cover up as no such plan or plot ever took place to hide or assist in the alleged rape

When asked by Banfield if this was a cause of Massaro’s suicide in 2019, Pipia said she was “99 percent” sure it was.

Massaro took her life in May 2019 at the age of 39. 

Did you ever think about dropping WWE coverage because of all these despicable things surrounding this company, @wai0937 and @johnpollock ? I cannot bear to watch it anymore. Ashley, Khasshoggi, Grant, Chatterton and countless more.

I don’t think that’s even a fair question to ask John and Wai. I truly don’t think you meant it this way, but by even asking the question you are implying there is potentially a moral compromise on their part by covering the company.

John and Wai are both journalists that do this for a living, asking them if they would ever consider dropping coverage of WWE would be like asking Anderson Cooper if he would ever consider not covering Donald Trump. At the end of the day Anderson Cooper is a journalist who’s responsibility is to cover people like Donald Trump, just as a wrestling journalist’s responsibly is to cover the most popular wrestling promotion in the world.

Now if you framed the question this way “If you didnt cover WWE for a living, would you ever think about not watching WWE because of all these despicable things surrounding this company”… that would be a fair question.


That is your interpretation. I do not think they are morally compromised for reviewing or talking about the WWE product.

If I remember correctly John and Wai decided right after the Khashoggi murder not to do a review about a Saudi Show.

I think your points are all valid and you are right. Yet it is an honest question if they ever thought about stopping reviewing WWE products after the latest allegations or earlier ones.


For the record, I didn’t think you did think they were morally compromised, my point is that the framing of the question insinuates that, though like I said I dont think you did that intentionally.

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My problem with the story, if true, and granted I believe it’s true. How can people/human beings sit by and not say or do something? Ron Simmons is the toughest guy in the business. Jimmy Hart is well respected. These guys also don’t need the WWE funds. They both was well pass winding downs in their careers. How do both these guys not speak up?

It’s shit isn’t it but it’s a weird part of human behaviour.

I was on a bus a few years back when a group of kids attacked the driver, I (a small skinny guy) looked around at other (much bigger) guys and they all looked away and ignored it.
I had to go and help out alone which I did.

If we all stood together and supported one another we could live in a much better world, but we’ve been conditioned to feel like we can’t do anything, we’re helpless and weak when we’re actually not.

I remember John and Wai discussing how Vince would be at WWE until he died. We couldn’t imaging the product without him…than he’s gone! And none of us could care less.

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This shit happened in Kuwait. What was the plane ride back to the “States”?