Bill Goldberg speaks on past WWE performances, eliminating cardio training

Originally published at Goldberg speaks on past WWE performances, eliminating cardio training

Bill Goldberg shared his candid opinion of his performances over the past few years and the decision to forego cardio conditioning.

Goldberg, 54, spoke with The Associated Press and was open about the critiques of his performances over the past several years:

I’m not proud of anything I’ve done over the past number of years. Have I done enough to get by? Yeah. But am I proud of my performances? Hell no. No. 1, I’ve got to win. No. 2, I’ve got to provide a little bit more entertainment, more power moves and just be more like Goldberg. That’s what you’re going to see on Saturday.

The former Universal Champion spoke about his preparation for these matches and noted the elimination of cardio training as a trade-off to add size and look the part of Goldberg that fans remember from over two decades ago:

I honestly have not done any cardio in a number of years because the most important part to my reemergence as Goldberg is size. I sit on a cardio machine or I go run and I might as well start counting pounds off of me. Do I come in and do I look like Goldberg or do I come and be able to have the workrate of other people? It’s really, really tough for me to decide that and have enough time to make it happen.

Earlier this week, Goldberg appeared on WWE’s The Bump and disclosed that he has two matches remaining on his existing WWE deal. In the past, he has stated that his contract calls for two matches per year with SummerSlam being the second one of 2021 after wrestling Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble.

Goldberg will face off with Bobby Lashley on Saturday night for the WWE Championship at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.