Black Widow Discussion/Feedback Thread (Beware of Spoilers)

My two cents:

I had fun with Black Widow. Action was solid and cast was giving it their all. I walked away satisfied but at the same time I can’t help but wonder: is this a story that really needed to be told? It’s enjoyable and I’m glad it’s a thing, but was it necessary? Still not sure. I think it should’ve been a more personal story, as we learn more of her past as an assassin, and maybe more violence and drama than spectacle, a more character’s driven narrative.

Also, I keep hearing that ‘people are getting tired of superhero movies’ when the actual verdict to me, is that people are getting tired of seeing the same superhero movie again and again with different faces.

This movie would probably have been better received if it actually came out around the time of Civil War and probably should’ve been the lead-in to Endgame instead of Captain Marvel. It could have been perfect and would have add way more weight to her death in Endgame. An overall fine send-off to Natasha but I think I prefer the shows going on now on Disney+ as it enhances the MCU further.

Stay tuned for the post credit scene though.

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I loved it! I was lucky enough to be able to watch at the cinema, and seeing that mcu logo on the big screen for the first time in so long, was a real feel good moment for me. I think it was a smart move to establish Yulena alongside Natasha as opposed to just coming in to replace her. David harbour was amazing as the red guardian.

In terms of the villains, without knowing a great deal about the character I think comic book readers will be, Ben Kingsley - mandarin, levels of disappointed with how the taskmaster is portrayed.

Not entirely sure about the end credits scene being a set up for the Hawkeye tv show, as I’d have liked to see yulena and Hawkeye on the big screen.

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With cinemas set to reopen when Ontario reaches Stage 3 (July 22 at the earliest), I’m planning on waiting for the cinema, instead of paying $30 on top of my Disney+ subscription to watch the film at home.


This film had so many pockets of humour.

I’m planning on waiting for the cinema

I got one of those fancy seats that move around during action sequences that they put in the back few rows. I turned it off since I’m not a fan but if you are, definitely do it. There’s plenty of action scenes in this one. Not one of those poser action films.

Black Widow had a lot of hoops to jump through to get here between the constant COVID-induced delays and the film industry embracing female-led movies. I do firmly believe that this should’ve been done a long time ago…That being said, it was worth the wait.

The supporting cast elevates it (Florence Pugh stands out the most, followed closely by David Harbour) and the references to past films enriches them. I kinda wished Taskmaster was handled a little better. Overall, it ticked the boxes that make a Marvel film work.

The post credit scene gave me the synergy I’ve craved ever since Disney+ started this era of Marvel television.

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I think the most important scene is the post credit scene. Otherwise, I was very impressed with Florence Pugh in this movie, great character work with the accent and everything.

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Her chemistry with ScarJo is terrific.

The Black Widow mantle is in very good hands going forward.

It’s now confirmed that Stage 3 is starting and Cineplex is reopening (at 50% capacity) on Friday, July 16, which will probably be when I see the film.

“You’re such a poser” being my absolute favourite and I’ll leave it at that for those who haven’t seen it.

But let me tell you Florence Pugh is the star of this and I look forward to whatever she’s got going on next after this!

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Good movie. Should have been before Infinity War, in my opinion. Florence Pugh was great and something tells me we won’t be seeing her play Paige again.

Robbie from London, Ontario.

My gf is a huge MCU fan so we watched this weekend, I didn’t know much about Black Widow outside of what we know from the Avengers films, but I still really loved it. Upper echelon Marvel film no doubt in my opinion. It was fun, filled in some gaps, we even found out what happened with Hawkeye in Budapest, big plus for me. Great send off for Scarlet, and sets up the new Widow going forward I’d assume. Definitely worth the Premier access price, 8.5/10

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That’s her? I never saw that film but I still wouldn’t clue that in. I’m just hoping Yelena doesn’t ever put anyone in a bear suit.

For me it was the most “just a movie” out of the entire MCU so far. It didn’t feel like it has a real connection to any movie before, the action was good. But to me, good action is the bare minimum expected from Marvel at this point. What annoyed me the most is that they went through all the effort of introducing a new super soldier, but all he was was a comedic relief character with no redemption at any point in the movie. He has one actual fight and lost miserably.
Now, with all that being said, is it worse than Dark World and Iron Man 2&3? No it is not. But it’s just a tiny bit above them for me.
A question for John, I distinctly remember that during one of your earlier MCU reviews you said that you would pay extra to watch the movie at home instead of going through the hassle of going to the cinema, and I wonder why you changed your mind?

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Black Widow is admittedly my least favorite Avenger and I wasn’t sold on this movie at first.
I came into this thinking I had to watch it because I was a completionist and actually really enjoyed it.

David Harbour is great in everything I’ve seen him in and I’m excited for WWE alumni Florence Pugh to continue her role within the MCU in this Dark Avengers team that’s being built. I’ve never cared for Taskmaster so the reveal of their identity was fine with me.


Does Black Widow mysteriously getting away from Ross and his troops ever come back up within the MCU, or is it just something they’re going to “yada yada” away with and never explain?
It felt very unlike Marvel to just leave a giant loophole like that unexplained.

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