Bobby Fish invites CM Punk to compete in non-pro wrestling fight

Originally published at Bobby Fish invites CM Punk to compete in non-pro wrestling fight

Bobby Fish chats CM Punk.

Just under 24 hours removed from AEW’s All Out pay-per-view, it had been reported by several outlets that there was a physical altercation involving CM Punk, producer Ace Steel and The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt & Nick Jackson). The altercation stemmed from Punk’s comments at the post-PPV press conference.

This was brought to Bobby Fish’s attention on episode three of The Undisputed Podcast. Fish would go on to extend an invitation to Punk to compete against him in a non-pro wrestling setting.

Let’s just make this a formal invitation to Phil . Yeah, I’m down. If that’s the direction he wants to go and I mean, he could pick the time, the place, we can do it in Chicago.

Yeah, that would be kind of fun, right? It can be boxing, it could be kickboxing, it can be MMA. I mean sh*t, we can do this bareknuckle. Whatever sounds good to Phil. He can pick the weight, he can pick the place like I said. I mean whatever he wants to do but yeah, let’s make it official. Like come on Phil .

A recap of the altercation involving the aforementioned parties was given to Bobby. In the past, Fish has commented on Punk’s kicking technique. He described them as “atrocious” and joked that Punk did not come out throwing kicks in the alleged physical altercation because he would not hit anybody with those.

Oh, they are atrocious .

It was reported by PWInsider that Bobby’s contract with All Elite Wrestling expired on August 31st. He said he attempted to sit down with Tony Khan on multiple occasions to discuss the idea of doing a kickboxing fight.

Bobby said he was not able to secure that time with Khan, but now it’s “no secret” that he does not need anyone’s permission.

So truth be told, since May, I have tried to get Tony Khan to sit down with me no less than five times to ask permission to do a kickboxing fight. It was actually something that I talked to other people in the company about but I could never nail Tony down and in Tony’s defense, he’s a busy man, especially on TV days, it is what it is but I wanted permission to do a fight and I couldn’t get there with Tony so now, it’s no secret, I don’t need anyone’s permission at this point so yeah, let’s make this sh*t official Phil… I’ll do you one better. Phil, let’s f*cking go! I think that’s how someone else would say it.

In mid-August, Fish spoke candidly about how he felt he was being presented in All Elite Wrestling. To read a recap of his comments, head over to this link.

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