Bobby Fish: "Money left on the table" with reDRagon and FTR

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Bobby Fish spoke about his time in AEW and issues he experienced with CM Punk as well as money he felt was left on the table involving reDRagon and FTR.

While speaking with Steve Fall of NBC Sports, Fish detailed issues he had with CM Punk regarding their October 27th match last year in Boston, and Fish claimed that it was Punk that made a mistake during the match.

Later in the interview, Fish was asked about using real-life issues on screen and Fish gave his own experience recently where he believed there was money left on the table with FTR, who are two people that Fish respects:

I’ve had things go down recently with people that are true pros, and again, money left on the table. I’ll come out and say it, money left on the table when it came to reDRagon and FTR and some of it veered into some real-life stuff but yet you have four guys that are professional. You know I have nothing but respect obviously for Kyle (O’Reilly) but also for Dax (Harwood) and Cash (Wheeler) but you know, testosterone is in all of us and tempers flare and that sort of contention I think, at times, is good for pro wrestling. I think it’s something pro wrestling is missing that was probably apparent in the ‘80s maybe and it could use some of it now. The competition unfortunately in pro wrestling has gotten to the point where it takes place in the locker room where nobody gets to see it, no one gets the benefit from it, no one gets to actually make money on it. It’s become so cooperative what we put out in front of people, what we need is a little bit more competition in the ring not in the fucking locker room. Like, don’t be a locker room politician like CM Punk because that gets nobody anywhere and that makes nobody money except him, I don’t know.

Fish is no longer under contract with AEW and recently launched his own podcast called Undisputed.