Book an Omarosa appearance at the women's evolution PPV

Without getting too wacky or offensive, book Omarosa appearing/having a match/squash at women’s evolution.

Omarosa comes out during the main event. She hits Charlotte with a copy of her new book. Vince struts out and calls her a lowlife.

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Ronda Rousey is standing tall at the end of the PPV, all of a sudden Ember Moon & Alicia Fox come out and attack Ronda. The Apprentice theme hits and Omarosa comes out and puts her foot on Ronda. Suddenly Kurt Angle is shown instructing a ref to go make the count, 1…2…3 Omarosa is the new Raw Womens Champion. Kurt Angle reveals Omarosa is Jason Jordans real mom and they all stand tall with Kurt as the show ends.

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You got way too wacky yourself.

I would feature her in a cheesy pre-show ad for Subway with Natalya. Then on the main show I would have a segment a few hours later with her and Nattie in which they both say that Subway Chicken Teriyaki sub didn’t agree with them and they then proceed to have a fart off. It’d be the perfect homage to Natalya’s farting gimmick.

I would also have david arquette with a wig pin Ronda Rousey for the belt.

“[Book an Omarosa appearance at the women’s evolution PPV)”



They’ve stayed far away from politics on their TV since before the 2016 election. I doubt they’d change that, especially with the McMahons being Trump-friendly.

I doubt they would bother more bc she won’t move the needle at all