Booking singles competitors in tag matches, NO!

I will stand by AEW for a long time, but I hate they are pairing up singles and making them tag teams. Just use the lesser known tag teams you have or don’t and book Hangman, Jericho, etc in singles matches. Jericho can fight and it not be for the title.
These better known singles guys should be going every week, not In tag matches.
I hate this.
It is so WWE booking.
Dang it!

I’m ok with it especially if wins and losses matter as you don’t want to run through your big singles matches too quickly. I just don’t want those teams then beating established tag teams. WWE booking is 2 great singles wrestlers are always better than an established tag team.


It’s more NJPW isn’t it? They always have dumb and useless multiman matches either on the undercard or on the Road To cards. Apart from how bad Red Shoes is this is my biggest beef with their shows

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Meh I prefer them to say the champion wrestling a bunch of non-title singles matches. Now I do want lots of singles matches as well. But if you look at week one you had 1 multiman match (tag team + singles competitor on both sides) and 3 singles matches


No, WWE booking is one guy beats another, then the other guy wins. Then a hologram shows up and the other guy attacks the original guy with a sledgehammer and gets disqualified. Then they have a Hell in a Cell match followed up by a normal singles match on RAW with zero heat.


Doing special attraction tag matches with two singles stars tagging up is hardly a “WWE booking” thing. It’s an easy way to prolong a feud through weekly storytelling.

Absolutely nothing wrong with it.

If suddenly a few weeks before “Full Gear”, Cody and Jericho suddenly win the Tag Team Championships, and have to defend them while at odds for weeks… Then that is WWE booking.


One promotion that doesn’t use this tactic is NXT because they only had an hour long show. I can’t recall a case where they have even put Adam Cole & Roderick Strong in a random tag match against Riddle & Dream or a similar team of challengers.

It will be interesting to see if they do start to use more tag matches now that they are a 2 hour show.

But even if they do I agree with most of the comments saying there is nothing wrong with it.

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You mean other than war games? Where it was UE against Ricochet, War Raiders, and Pete Dunne.

Or Ricochet and Black in the Tag tournament?

Or Halftime Heat with Ricochet, Black and Dream vs Cole, Gargano, and Ciampa

Cole and Strong vs Dunne and Ricochet?

So they do it (a lot actually if you look at house shows) as well. I mean heck we just had Kushida and Fashion Police vs Imperium.