BREAKING NEWS AUDIO: Daniel Bryan cleared by the WWE

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John Pollock and Wai Ting present a special "Breaking News" update after the WWE announced that Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) has been cleared to return to the ring.

The two go over the statement released on Tuesday, the doctors that have cleared Bryan, the reversal of Dr. Joseph Maroon’s decision, and the impact Bryan’s return will have on the WrestleMania card in New Orleans this year.

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Fantastic news for Daniel Bryan!

Terrible news for Rusev?

It looked like Rusev was being put on the back burner until after Wrestlemania but with DB returning to the picture you have to assume that DB will be a focal top card player above Rusev. I suppose you could argue that Rusev is a heel (which is a complete joke to everyone) and that allows him to remain in the top of the card though. We’ll see.

Gratz to Daniel Bryan.
Best wishes that this doesn’t turn out to be a mistake for your long term health.

Great news. I was kind of hoping that Daniel Bryan would leave and go the independent route because it would have been good for the whole business in general. But now we can hopefully see possible match ups like Bryan/Nakamura, Bryan/Angle or Bryan/Balor.

I was going over my fave dream matchups now that he’s back - AJ, Nakamura, Finn

Honestly if they headlined WM 34 with Miz and Bryan (or Summerslam for that matter) it’s my first choice above anything else

Trade him to raw. Theres always a draft post mania. Rusev could use it.

It kinda saddens me though that some people are choosing to chastize WWE over this by saying the only reason they cleared him was to prevent him from going to the indies or Japan when his contract expires later this year. Instead of just being happy for Bryan to finally get back what he never wanted to lose in the first place 2 years ago. For once, we could all be legitimately happy that we get a feelgood story about a genuinely appreciated wrestler and there you have Negative Nancies deciding to let their disdain for everything McMahon dictate their opinions.

Tonight, I had chills listening to his promos. Seeing the fans point in unison to the Wrestlemania sign instinctively. Never been so happy to see someone take an apron bump until tonight. Wrestlemania will be fun. No matter what naysayers will say.