BREAKING NEWS: Toronto Shooting (22nd July 2018)

My heart is just breaking, I’m preying for all Canadian’s especially those in Toronto. :canada:

The following is scrolling headlines from Australia’s Sky News Television channel on Foxtel. (

  • “Local media outlines are reporting several people have been killed in shooting in the Canadian city of Toronto.”

  • “There are several reports the victims were found across several blocks - A large cordon is currently in place.”

  • “One witness says he saw seven people wounded outside a pizza restaurant in the greek town district.”

  • “According to Toronto media outlets eight people have been taken to hospital with gunshot wounds.”

  • “Canadian authorities are yet to confirm the number of people who were shot or possible motive.”

A full article was posted by Newspaper “The Courier Mail” of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, can be read here, .

Jesus. It always scarier when it happens so close to home. Stay safe guys.

Is everyone in the Post Family and Cafe community okay?!