Brian Cage at Starbucks!

Less then 20 minutes ago I saw Brian Cage coming out of Starbucks. I was pulling into the Drive Thru. I honked and waived. He nodded.
Dude is huge!
Have you seen any wrestlers in real


I met Jeff Cobb at the airport in Minnesota, back in August. Dude was just chillin in his G1 shirt at a single table, eating snacks and lookout ESPN.

We were on the same flight going to Vegas, so when it was time to board, I talked to him for a couple minutes. He was a cool guy, but I could tell he was dead tired.

I’ve met a ton of guys in the parking lot before WWE shows, but that was the only time away from a show.

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Met Trish at the movies. She was super nice

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The closest I’ve come to an unofficial public meeting was a meet & greet this small hobby/toy store was doing with two wrestlers in late 2009. One of them was April Hunter (not sure how many people have heard of/remember her), and the other was Paul London, who I came to meet. He was a very nice guy and we were able to talk for several minutes about himself and other wrestlers he knew. This was at the time when Daniel Bryan was leaving ROH to head to WWE, and I had just saw Bryan wrestle at an ROH TC taping in Philadelphia the night before (four final dates followed), so we talked a bit about that, me filling him in on an old friend of his.

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Saw the Highlanders at a rest stop after a RAW once.

Sat next to Bobby Roode at a bar.

I don’t like bothering people when they’re doing there thing outside of work.

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My pic on here is me flexing with Cage. He’s massive.

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The only wrestler I’ve ever seen in real life is Bret Hart; I got his autograph at an official WWF signing in November 1997 (just before Montreal) at a Bi-Way in Toronto