Brian Myers and "Smart" Mark Sterling are Postmarks?

On the latest episode of the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast during the Q&A segment, Brian Myers was asked “which podcasts do you listen to on a weekly basis?”

Myers responded, “The only one I listen to on a weekly basis is Post Wrestling.”

He listens to the Rewind-a-Raw and Rewind-a-Dynamite.

Smart Mark follows up with, “They do a great job, I think they probably do the best job.”

Excellent work as always John, Wai and the rest of the crew! Happy 5 years!


We all know MJF is also listening.

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Only listens to the free shows? :no_good_man:

Makes sense since Myers trained Mark and MJF at Create a Pro. As well as the mention on Dynamite!

That’s pretty cool

I have zero interest in wrestling toys but their pod is my second favorite behind John and wai.

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