Bruce Prichard discusses Chris Kanyon's WWE run, if things could've gone differently

Originally published at Bruce Prichard discusses Chris Kanyon's WWE run

Chris Kanyon’s run in WWE was discussed on Bruce Prichard’s most recent podcast.

This week’s episode of Dark Side of the Ring will focus in on the late Chris Kanyon. Kanyon unfortunately passed away in April of 2010.

He was brought into WWE after the company purchased WCW and spent several years there. Kanyon’s name was brought up during the ‘Unforgiven 2006’ episode of Bruce Prichard’s Something to Wrestle with podcast. When asked if Kanyon’s run in WWE could have gone differently, Prichard mentioned several hurdles that could have changed the outcome of Kanyon’s run in the company.

When it came to the mental struggles that Kanyon had, Prichard feels that WWE did everything they could for him because they weren’t aware of everything he was going through.

Could it but nobody knew that. No one knew that ‘till after the fact, ‘till after it was too late and that’s just a damn shame. That’s a waste of talent.

And you go back and there was a day in time, hey folks, it wasn’t cool. It wasn’t cool to be different, and Kanyon was different but he wasn’t. Where Kanyon was different was that he was talented and he could do some incredible moves and do some incredible stuff but I don’t know that his own capacity to go beyond that and accept who he was and embrace it, it’s just yeah. It’s a sad story.

On the latest Rewind-A-SmackDown, John Pollock and Kate from Montreal discussed the Plane Ride From Hell edition of Dark Side of the Ring. That video/audio can be watched via the POST Wrestling YouTube channel.

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Looking forward to this one, he was always one of my favs in WCW.