Bryan Danielson to face Katsuyori Shibata on AEW Collision

Originally published at Bryan Danielson to face Katsuyori Shibata on AEW Collision

The Bryan Danielson match randomizer has landed on Katsuyori Shibata.

AEW has announced that Danielson will have yet another ‘first-time match’ with one scheduled against Shibata this Saturday on a live edition of Collision from Ottawa, Ontario.

TOMORROW, Sat 3/16
Ottawa, ON
Saturday Night #AEWCollision
TNT 8pm ET/7pm CT

An Impossible Dream@K_Shibata2022 vs @bryandanielson

Before his #AEWDynasty Dream Match vs @WillOspreay,
Bryan collides vs Shibata, who aims for payback vs BCC in his own personal Dream Match TOMORROW

— Tony Khan (@TonyKhan) March 15, 2024

The two have never had a match involving each other and both were considered medically disqualified from ever competing again before both returned to action.

Danielson retired in February 2016 due to health concerns, which were flagged by WWE medical personnel, however, he was cleared two years later and has been wrestling consistently for the past six years.

Shibata suffered a subdural hematoma during a match in April 2017 with Kazuchika Okada after executing a skull-on-skull head butt, which could have been fatal for Shibata.

The updated lineup for Collision on Saturday:
*Bryan Danielson vs. Katsuyori Shibata
*Kyle O’Reilly vs. Bryan Keith
*TBS Championship – Open House: Julia Hart © vs. Trish Adora

Well this is a match I never thought I’d be seeing in person… Wish this was announced sooner!


Lmao can you get any luckier? Enjoy my friend!


The Bryan Danielson “wrestles random guys he always wanted to wrestle” Tour has been very good to us.


Bryan is a blessing to us fans.

I’ll be there as well. My jaw dropped when I saw it announced.


For real! With Collision coming to Vancouver, they gotta tell me who is the Vancouver stop on Danielson’s world tour of awesomeness that keeps drawing me back for at least a match.

Tell me who it is and if it’s something like Shibata (:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::people_wrestling:) and I’ll buy a ticket to go!

They will wait until Friday afternoon and announce it on social media :joy:


And it’ll be a “Danielson speaks segment” to set up his next awesome match. :woman_facepalming: lol!!!