BWE 11/28/18: NXT UK, WALTER, OTT Redemption, EVE She-1, ICW Fear & Loathing

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Martin & Benno are joined by Will Cooling from Fighting Spirit Magazine to discuss all the major news regarding recent NXT UK contract changes. They look at how this will affect the UK scene from every angle.

They also chat the announcement of NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool (MAJOR SPOILERS), Over The Top Redemption (Ringkampf vs. Jordan Devlin & David Starr), Pro Wrestling EVE She 1 and a look ahead to Insane Championship Wrestling Fear & Loathing 11.

Photo Courtesy: WWE

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Really fun show everyone. A thought on the confusion with wwe guys appearing on VOD - could this mean that they can’t appear on the partnered promotions exclusive service (demand progress etc) but allow them to appear on the wwe network version? If WWE is introducing a tiered service they’ll want to drive people towards that, and the incentive goes down if demand progress is showing everything.

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Thanks! That is where I think Progress is headed. My best guess is in interim months the rules with will be grey and they’ll still be able to show NXT UK guys on their VOD, but Network exclusive will be the main goal.

Like I said on the show though, the emphasis on new guys on that last Manchester show we reviewed does give me pause. Think the biggest tell will be if Walter, Trent Seven and Jinny drop their belts before the end of the year.

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I think it speaks volumes that you guys asked where Kenny Williams is while he does have a match against Aaron Echo on Fear & Loathing, which is meant to be the end of their “big feud”. Overall ICW has been awful this year. Their biggest show consists of several rematchs, the Briscoes being wasted in a multi man ladder match and everything have really bad build. I mean DCT was your last World champion and he’s no where near this card. And their current champion is a comedy gimmick that they’re desperately trying to make a serious threat. Plus it’s the 3rd time this year they’ve done the “career” stip this year, with the last 2 times proving it’s a worthless stop.

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