BWE 12/26/18: Best Of British & European Wrestling 2018

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Martin, Oli & Benno are joined by Benno’s co-hosts on the Indy Corner Spotlight podcast, JP Houlihan and Joe Lemon, to talk all the best of British and European wrestling in 2018.

The guys talk all their highlights from the year with categories including Breakthrough Star, Import, Show, Promotion, Match and Wrestler Of The Year. Plus, voicemails from friends of the show giving their picks for the big categories.

Finally, the guys talk about what they didn’t like too much this year with their votes for the “Get In The Bin” Awards and play some Likely/Unlikely with potential scenarios in 2019.

Photo Courtesy: OTT Wrestling, Shaun Ryan & Beyond Gorilla

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Very interested in people’s thoughts here. What did we get right? What did we get wrong?

Let us know your picks for the main categories!