BWE 2/22/18: OTT Homecoming, ICW Square GO, Progress Chapter 63, Tetsujin

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Martin, Oli Court and Benno are back to talk Over The Top Homecoming (featuring Keith Lee vs Mike Bailey and Zack Sabre JR vs Travis Banks), ICW Square Go (30 Man Rumble match), Benno provides a live report from the Tetsujin Shoot-Style event, Progress Chapter 63 Take Me Underground and Apollo Crews making his return to PCW.

They also discuss Joe Hendry qualifying for the Commonwealth games in Australia & Brighton-based promotion Riptide Wrestling.

Photo Courtesy: Over The Top Wrestling

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I have to agree that my fandom of ICW has gone down a lot the past year or so. I did enjoy BT/Bram but I was also going into that with very low expectations because it’s Bram. Also to be fair while Stevie Boy may not seem like a star he is a guy ICW has really got behind the past couple of years, he’s always winning his big matches and can produce great matches. But as a fan I have contemplated cancelling my subscription to their on demand in recent months and using that money to try some Fight Club shows.

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Bang on with the ICW stuff. I used to follow the promotion closely a few years back during Grado’s run for the title, but they soon relied too heavily on authority figures, recyled storylines and a surge of uninteresting characters. I dropped out in mid-2016 and didn’t really pay attention to them after that.

As soon as you mentioned Red Lightening in your recap of Square Go, my eyes rolled so hard that I think I saw my own brain. Nothing seems to have improved. Oh, and using Bram in the championship match is such a turn off. Woeful.

If this were a game of EWR, they’d have been reduced from ‘Cult’ to ‘Regional’ by now. I do hope they can fight their way back to prominence though, as I loved keeping up with the promotion and attending the tour shows back in the day. They were actually the first indy fed who’s streaming service I subscribed to.

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