BWE 3/8/18: Progress Chapter 64, Fight Club: PRO “A Tribute To Francois Trebec”, wXw 16 Carat Preview, 5 Star

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Martin, Oli and Benno are back to talk Progress Chapter 64: Thunderbastards Are Go! (Travis Banks vs. Matt Riddle, Zack Sabre Jr vs. Jonah Rock), Fight Club: PRO – A Tribute To Francois Trebec (WALTER vs. David Starr, Millie McKenzie vs. Chris Brookes) and preview the wXw 16 Carat 2018 tournament.

They also discuss the latest from 5 Star Wrestling and Josh Bodom making his debut for All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Photo Courtesy: Progress Wrestling

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I didn’t realise Millie is only 17, that does seem to much to soon for her now. In terms of Progress, I personally liked the idea of Eddie winning the Thunderbastard by coming in last and Andrews laying down for him as he refused to fight him but I did like what they did. Also Jonah Rock did look good in his debut but his entrance theme was atrocious!

His entrance theme was very…industrial. Eddie Dennis has been a revelation with his promos and work, even cut one from his hospital bed which shows a nice dark, sinister side to his character. Show felt a bit flat at times, but Santos was one of the highlights.

Happy for Bodom too. He doesn’t feature for any larger, well known indies in the UK on a regular basis apart from Rev Pro for reasons unknown to anyone. Hopefully Japan will be a good learning experience for him and he’ll come back a better worker.

Cannot deny the guys talent and being someone you love to Boo. Almost Sebastian’esque.

My only answer to the mystery of Francois Trebec is that ‘Trebec’ is an anagram of ‘erect’.

That’s all I have, I think that offers up more questions than answers.

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