BWE: World Transfer Window 2021

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Martin Bushby, Benno, Kate From Montreal, Andrew Thompson, Wai Ting and the returning Jamesie compete to see who will be crowned the winner of the 2021 World Transfer Window.


The year is 2025. International Pro Wrestling is in a state of chaos not seen since the closure of WCW and ECW. Every major wrestling promotion across the world has been ran out of business by a vengeful Vince McMahon. McMahon, infuriated by the success of AEW, embarked upon a reign of terror never before seen in pro wrestling.

By exerting his influence over TV companies and wrestling venues across the world he has forced AEW, Impact, New Japan, ROH and all other major companies to close their doors. McMahon’s dream of a total worldwide wrestling monopoly has finally become a horrible reality. WWE is the only game in town. Not only has the Forbidden Door ben slammed shut, it has been destroyed beyond repair.

As a result, every non-WWE wrestler who had been signed to a contract has become a free agent. The market has become flooded with so much talent that even McMahon cannot afford to sign them all.

But out of such adversity comes a new hope for wrestling fans seeking an alternative product. Secret meetings have taken place at Post Wrestling Towers resulting in the formation of the National Post Wrestling Alliance (the NPWA). Six new territories scattered across the globe will be set up, all working together to ensure that WWE has a viable competitor.

In order to ensure a fair distribution of talent, a talent draft has been set up. On the September 30th episode of the BWE, the Worldwide Transfer Window will open and all 6 participants will come together to form their rosters.

The draft rules are as follows:

  • There will be 20 rounds with one pick per round
  • Snake rules will apply to the order of picks
  • The order of picks will be drawn randomly
  • All wrestlers worldwide that do not have a current WWE contract are eligible
  • Tag teams can be picked as a pair but only regular tag teams are eligible and they must be used on the PPV as a pair
  • Only wrestlers who have wrestled a match in 2021 are eligible (Cagematch to be used if necessary)
  • Rounds 6 and 7 will be special surprise rounds.
  • The six participants will then come up with a PPV card to showcase their roster and they will be posted online at a subsequent date to determine the winner!

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