Can we start a petition to stop AJ Styles saying Kami?

It is up there with JBL is poopy and it must end


Issues like these are exactly what online petitions were created for.


Here you go,lets get it done


I’m only signing if they use my name of The SamOwens.

Every time AJ says Kami, I cringe.

Can you imagine if a few years back we’d been told that AJ Styles, Kevin Steen and El Generico would be involved in a feud over the WWE world title but we’d be complaining about it? :rofl:

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Every time they say Cammy, I feel like AJ Styles is cutting a promo on Cammy from Street Fighter

Cammy confirmed Number 30 entrant in the Woman’s Royal Rumble


I’d be fine with Kevyn

I’m not even watching Smackdown just now, but even the thought of AJ Styles constantly saying ‘Kami’, and the thought of the WWE announce team doing the patented ‘WWE fake laugh’ every time AJ Styles says the phrase has put me in a state of semi-permanent rage.

I really don’t mind it too much. It’s not over the top hilarious but not very much in wwe is.

Ibushi with the Kami shirt

hahaha, stole my thunder before I could get the same thought onto here. i tip my flap cap.

There was an audible deflation at RAW 25 that went from big cheer for AJ’s appearance, big cheer for his Hogan impression and then he said ‘Kami’ and it legit felt like the crowd collectively stuck on a polite smile and mumbled “yeeeah, you do you.”

Nobody even making the DragonBall connection :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: