Can't access Patron board

Hey I’m a One Milk One Sugar patron and now see ads and have no access to the patron board. I tried to see if I could access the Ask-A-Wai thread through my notifications and when I did that, it said I didn’t have access.

I also tried logging out and logging back in through Patreon and still no luck.

Is there a way to fix this from my end?


Hey Gerard, will take a look at this now.

Same here, I can’t access the espresso part, and can’t see the little coffee cup on any patrons on the board.

Can you guys try again, did a fresh pull of user data from Patreon?


Im good now. Thanks a lot!!!

Sorted. Thanks.

Hello, having the same issue here if you have time.

Should be good now @DavidsUserName!

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Hi @POSTmaster it’s happened again if you could have a look when you get a chance. Thanks

Happened to me too, was in the middle of leaving feedback for the MCU review and suddenly everything disappeared. Also I now have ads all over the forum

That’s really strange guys, looking into this now.

Same for me too

Looks like you cats are back to normal. Not sure why Patreon is fucking this up. :man_shrugging:

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thanks a lot :bowing_man:t2: