Champions league final

Salah for Liverpool 2mins
No Adam Lalana bay bee

Oh come on, nothing for the CL final? Not a Liverpool fan but seriously, nothing?

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I think we all knew Liverpool would win, but I had a feeling Liverpool would win 2-0 with an early goal and a late goal. I put money on the Reds to win but I should have been more specific.

I was rooting for Spurs but Liverpool deserved it. The penalty call kinda sucked but it was technically the right call. All in all, a bad match, but at least it was better than the '03 final.

P.S. I’ve actually seen a match at The Valley. Up the Addicks!

Tottenham winning would have been a disaster for football so I’m happy that didn’t happen. The game itself wasn’t that good. Started off with an early penalty but the only thing worth talking about between the penalty and the last ten minutes or so was the woman that ran on to the pitch.

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Really poor game. Expected more from both teams.