Chances that Joe picks up the title on Monday?

On the first #Raw of 2018 @WWERomanReigns will defend his #ICTitle against @SamoaJoe; if Roman is DQ’ed, he’ll lose the match AND his title

— Kurt Angle (@RealKurtAngle) December 29, 2017

Any legitimate chance that Joe will pick up the IC title on Monday’s RAW? My prediction is that Joe will actually be the one to lose via disqualification

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This seems set up specifically to give them a way to have Roman drop the title without actually putting Joe over, which is dumb because it’ll only foster more resentment towards him from those that already dislike the booking he gets… unless the plan is to eventually turn him heel?

If he loses via DQ and Joe gets the strap then it is what it is and at least we can look forward to Joe’s reign as champ, but it’s a sucky way to do it.

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I’d say pretty good. That would force Roman into the rumble match.

If they are planning to still go with Reigns/Brock at mania then getting the title off him now would help. Either that or Reigns wins the rumble and Brock will cost him the title down the line.

Sure, it’s a straight one on one match, which as we all know equals a 50% chance :wink:

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50% chance, I feel like it will be a screwy finish, or give Joe an out with what happened at the Toronto show on Saturday. If it is a screwy finish, Joe wins the title at the Rumble and allows you to put Reigns in the rumble match (And for the fans to que the boo’s,)