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Sort of a distant relative to the “75%” thread. What are some wrestling topics you think you’re in the minority about that you’d like explained to you? I’ll start.

I completely missed the time period where Edge graduated from cool midcarder entering through the crowd and became an all-time great. What should I watch to get up to speed?

New Years revolution. Watch the reaction
To him catching in on Cena and then his live sex celebration next day. That leads into WM program with Foley.

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For me I would like to know the appeal of Orange Caissdy - a guy who looks like I could beat him up and who seems to have a gimmick where he doesn’t try and does lazy kicks. Why is this cheered or what’s so awesome about it?

I think because troll culture is so big. He emphasizes that the show is fake, but you love it anyways. In that way he’s the most honest character. But he’s only good when used very sparingly.

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The Matt Hardy feud.

The perfect storm of two quality workers, the rise of the “IWC”, and some surprisingly competent (by WWE standards) storytelling (at least at first). :100:


I can’t echo this enough. The Edge/Lita/Hardy drama was a pivotal moment for the IWC. All the gossip and discussion in the various popular forums created an anticipation for that episode of Raw where Matt Hardy returned like nothing before, it was intense. It’s arguably one of the most significant moments in wrestling history.

Yeah it was great. Started with Heyman prompt saying Matt freaking Hardy

Edge carrying Taker thru a TLC match and that feud

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For me personally I’ll say the irony of him as a character in pro wrestling. @Genutz is on to something about troll culture. He’s just lazy enough while working really had to sell the gimick that the crowds see this as talent (I agree, it is talent). It’s like cheering any other character where we think the talent deserves applause