Chris Jericho speaks on idea of Edge joining AEW: "What I would do is a whole new look, a whole new mindset"

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The idea of Edge joining AEW is discussed by Chris Jericho. 

In Edge’s hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada on August 18th, he competed in a singles match against Sheamus and that was the last match on his then-current WWE contract. Edge has since publicly spoken on the matter and said he had a new contract from WWE in his inbox but is unsure about what’s next. 

The idea of Edge joining All Elite Wrestling was discussed by Chris Jericho and Josh Martinez on the Superstar Crossover podcast. Jericho stated that Edge may have done all he can in WWE. 

Well I mean, who’s to say for sure (what Edge’s impact on the AEW locker room would be)? But, if you look at Chris Jericho for example, where I was in WWE, there really wasn’t much more that I could do there. You’re there for many years and you’ve wrestled everybody and it’s great. But, it’s always good to shock people and to show up with a new kind of mission. So I think somebody like Edge, there’s a lot of guys over there like this, they’ve kind of done everything they can do there and for him to come to AEW, he’d be a whole fresh, new coat of pain. Whole new roster of matches that he could have. Obviously a new name which would then, knowing him, knowing me, what I would do is a whole new look, a whole new mindset. So, you know, I mean, that’s the best thing about having AEW and us being as successful as we are is that there’s now a viable alternative. I don’t wanna say ‘competitor’ because it’s not that but you can now go to either company. That’s what was so great about WCW in the 90s was that you could switch and jump… So I think it’s exciting and whether he comes or not or anybody that comes from there to here or comes from here to there, I mean look at Cody (Rhodes), when he left AEW to go to WWE, it was a whole new world for him so, I think that that’s one of the most exciting things when you can have the guys going back and forth. It really does make it more exciting for the fans and it makes it better for the business.

Since 1997, Edge has been a part of WWE. When his ‘WWE 24’ documentary was released in 2020, he stated that there was interest from ‘another wrestling company’, who reached out after his in-ring segment with Elias at SummerSlam 2019

He would go on to say that when he got the offer, he had a meeting with Vince McMahon which led to his new deal with WWE and his return plans being set in motion. 

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Chris Jericho is still and always TK’s AEW “puppet” to let TK “sign everybody” to AEW even NJPW/STARDOM talent via a “loophole”

I’ve always heard people say how awful a name Edge is and I was never a fan of his “character”. It would be awesome to see a completely different version but would it just be like seeing a huge TV character do a new show when it just feels weird

When you say you don’t like his character, are you talking about his “Edge and Christian character”? His “Rated R superstar” character? Or his most recent “rugged vet” (for lack of a different name) version?

“Edge” is like Sting or Undertaker. . a gimmick name that stopped being a gimmick name at some point. No matter how your character changes, that’s just your name now.

It’s not like it’s 1978 and his real name is a secret, but I agree that it will be odd to see him called something other than Edge.

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Really? I remember edge and Christian, crazy edge, edge in long leather jacket and edge not in leather jacket. All pretty much the same character though

I wouldn’t agree with that. The Edge that was in in Edge & Christian and even the early singles run was a giant goofball. His shtick was mainly humor.

The Rated R Superstar character was a delusional “opportunist” that would do anything to get ahead who always thought he was being screwed, and was willing to stoop to any low to get there (really enforced by the Matt Hardy shoot/worked storyline). I dont think that those two character were remotely similar outside of Adam Copeland playing them both.

Even his character now, its nothing like either of those. You can argue that the 2023 Edge is similar to the post Rated R Superstar Edge, but I think all three characters are distinctly different. Definitely more different then Jericho wearing flashy shirts, then a suit, then light bright jacket, and now a rock and roll jacket.

I would imagine he either goes by Adam Copeland or Sexton Hardcastle if he goes to AEW.

Edge was brought in as a tortured soul from the mean streets of Toronto. He wasn’t always comedy

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I mean when you say it iut loud it is kinda funny?

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You’ve never navigated the DVP in rush hour have you. The army should adapt that instead of water boarding

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Good point! I forgot about that version as well as brood edge. Even more to my point that his character has evolved and definitely changed quite a bit over the years.

I wasn’t watching throughout this period at all.
I’ve gone back and watched the TLC matches so Edge never seemed a goofball.
I remember the delusion it’s opportunist-that’s leather jacket edge. I don’t dislike Edge at all. I’m mainly commenting on what John, Wai and others have said about his character.
He’s fine but I’m sure I’m hindsight if they knew how big he’d be they would have come up with something better for him and it’ll be interesting to see if AEW try something

I’m not 100% sure what specifically you are referencing when you say things that John/Wai/and people have said, from context I imagine it’s that all his characters are the same. I haven’t heard John/Wai say this, not to say they haven’t.

Regardless, when I say he was a goofball, that’s not an insult as we was great at it, above is an example.

His character has definitely changed over the years. The Edge in the video above is not the same character as the Edge in the video’s below.

I have only gone back and watched matches not segments.
He is just the same wrestler though that’s what I meant.
To me it would be really interesting to see if he could be something completely different. I’d be surprised as it would be like seeing The Undertaker play Bret Hart or something. It just wouldn’t feel right.
But I wonder what ideas Edge may have and I’d love to see him able to just do something very different…whether we’ll ever see that, I’ll wait and see.

I hope we don’t just see Edge and Christian 2.0

Ok, so you’re not talking character….you mean in ring style?

It’s all the package. I hated Jon Moxley in WWE, I thought he was bloody awful coz he had a plant pot and a gas mask and whatever else they gave him. I’m sure you could tell me he was awesome in the Shield and his in-ring style was there in WWE but the whole package didn’t work for me.

His wrestling is fine, good even in many matches but his whole package has made me never really care massively for him. He’s had good performances and I’ve been happy to see him win but as I originally said; ‘I was never a fan of his character’ and I’d be keen to see him do something different.

It would be so different to the Jon Moxley change coz he’s 100% ‘Edge’, he’s been Edge for decades, he’s changed a few things as you’ve said but they are all part of the Edge character, and it’s one I’ve never really cared for.

You hate my opinions man, I don’t know why you don’t just ignore me and let me have my ramblings in peace :slight_smile:

lol, I dont hate your opinion, they definitely confuse me at times, but I dont hate them.

I think I know where you are coming from. I don’t think there is any similarity in the 2001 Edge and the 2023 Edge, but it was a 22 year evolution of the character. It sounds to me like you want a repackaging of sorts, or some type of drastic change (like Dean Ambrose into Mox). That I get.

You want Sexton Hardcastle lol.

That’s good. Im a confusing man…talk a lot of rubbish

I just watched Edge’s debut and think he looks the same…the only differene is Jerry Lawler telling me what a twisted soul he is, i can’t say he looked that twisted but hey ho.

Maybe I do, I’ve never seen Sexton Hardcastle so I’d be down with that