**CHRISTMAS JINGLE CONTEST 2022** (Deadline: Wednesday, Dec. 21)

It’s that time of the year again as POST Wrestling prepares for its annual Christmas Show.

This year, our Christmas Show will be released on Friday, December 23rd and as always, we want to hear your CHRISTMAS JINGLES.

The annual POST Christmas Jingle Contest is open to everyone and we encourage your creativity in submitting a jingle (preferably without copyright music) and under 2 minutes.

Post your submissions in this thread by the deadline of Wednesday, December 21st at Noon Eastern. We will review all submissions on the Christmas Show and announce the winner at the end.

Submissions can also be sent to john@postwrestling.com.

Below are some past examples:

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I’m not entering, but I am hoping for a return to my favorite Christmas musical act, Braxton Witherspoon & The Smart Marks!


Reigning In A Roman Wonderland

Canadian Bulldog · Reigning In A Roman Wonderland

I’m Dreaming Of A Press Conference


Canadian Bulldog · I’m Dreaming Of A Press Conference

Welcome to the Post Wrestling show with guests lined up under the mistletoe
Come on and join in the caroling as we talk about the year in pro wrestling
Well the jingle ring bells rock with John Pollock
And the jingle ring bells ring with Wai Ting

Couple of handsome guys (but not as handsome as me)
Whats that gift under the tree? (the Christmas show in the cafe feed)
You better go get into full gear because I booked you in a special holiday match this year

John and Wai the Midnight Express Post team against the hansomest man walking Gods red and green
I just gift wrapped a small package for you and I stuffed your stocking with a super kick too
I’ll meet you at the Post dot Wrestling store but my Christmas list is one that you can’t afford
So put those wallets away (there’s gonna be a knife-edge chopping spree)
You won’t be buying gifts today (instead your gonna sell for me)

We’re gonna deck the halls with near falls and counter maneuvers and reversals
And Frosty can be the referee with Rudolph sitting on commentary
And Pere Noel can ring the bell and I’ll say Merry Christmas while the Postmarks listen
To you both tap out to my Hansubmission

Imran From Huddersfield.

Merry Christmas John and Merry Christmas Wai

As always, congratulations on yet another tremendous year for Post Wrestling and thank you for the hours and hours of content you and the rest of the Post Wrestling family provide. This year was the year that I truly realized the mark POST has left on me when I found myself studying and mirroring the interview techniques of one John Pollock for an interview I had to do with an author of a book for my own podcast… which I guess goes to show the influence you have on me and I’m sure many other PostMarks out there.

I know I probably say this exact same message every Christmas time - but it’s always true - you guys really do give the most insightful, entertaining and varied content around, and it’s highly appreciated.

Anyway speaking of varied… here’s my annual contribution to the Jingle contest. Is it a wrestling jingle? No… does it count for PostWrestling though? In 2022… it probably does?

Merry Christmas John & Wai,

Well I’m here again but unfortunately without my customary stats. This has been a crazy busy year for my family and myself. I really feel like I haven’t been around the Post community as much as I use to and that all boils down to my return to the office for work and my two boys keeping me very busy. I would have liked to help you guys out with more show clips on twitter, but it was just a bit too hard.

Anyways, I hope for all the best to you guys and your families this Christmas and in the New Year. Here is my song all about the stress of John waiting for us to upload our Christmas songs.

Out of all the seasons Christmas is John’s favorite one.
Hurry hurry Postmarks, the Chistmas show countdowns begun.
Hurry hurry Postmarks, the jungle deadlines coming quick.
Wai, calm John down, tell him not to start to panic.
Hurry hurry Postmarks, cause we’ve gotta to do it for Pollock.

Said John to Wai , “Why is it like this every year?
I never know if any song will ever appear.”
And away went the Postmarks writing lyrics like Shakespeare.

Hurry hurry Braxton, this is something you can’t ignore.
Smartmarks, make him hurry, tell him he can win once more.
Hurry hurry Braxton, you’re just what John’s looking for.

Hurry Hurry Imran, all the way from Huddersfield.
Sing about F1 like your behind the windshield.
Hurry Hurry Imran, Lets even out this playing field.

Said Wai to John Pollock, “Will two songs make a full contest?”
“That doesn’t seem enough, maybe I’ll book another guest.”
And away went the Postmarks writing songs like we’re possessed.

Hurry hurry Bulldog, can you make a song or two.
Write one about Roman, also about the Punk issue.
Way to go Postmarks, you guys really came through.

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Ian from Best Film Ever
(The below is all in good fun, thanks for the year that was 2022, John & Wai

Hello John and Wai,

Let’s hearken back to the Christmas Jingle contest of 2021. My entry that year (“John and Wai in the Morning”) was well received. One could even call your praise effusive and I thought I was in with a shout to win it all - until a reference to Laura Nenych and Ryerson University took home the top spot for another entrant…

That feeling of loss stayed with me. Like a rejection email from William Regal, it festered and gnawed at my mind, my spirit, nay, my very soul for the entirety of 2022. I knew my faith had been placed in the wrong place in 2021. Moving forward, I needed a new Christmas hero - and I found one worthy of my Christmas Jingle submission this year:

MJF is Comin’ To Town

Forget about the man that’s from the North Pole
For a long island guy, It’s about Billy Joel
MJF is coming to town
MJF is coming to town
MJF is coming to town

He’s better than Bret in Canada
Same for Piper in the West
He eclipses Flair in the Carolinas
MJF he is just the best / Better than all the rest (and you know it)

He doesn’t care about Japan or your forbidden door
He’ll make Tony K pay in 2024
MJF is coming to town
MJF is coming to town
MJF is coming to town

Forget about the Bucks after All Out
They didn’t beat CM Punk first
That happened One Night in Chicago
The victor was the salt of the Earth. / MJF beat him first (twice in one night)

It’s not about Ryerson’s broadcasting class
Won’t mention Laura Nenych, cuz I won’t kiss your ass
MJF is coming to town (your stupid town)
MJF is coming to town (your crappy town)
MJF is coming to town (your hillbilly town)
MJF is coming to town (Ain’t that a punch in the back of the head!)


After winning the first ever Christmas jingle contest you guys did many years ago (with some controversy over Guarav’s sudden late surge in votes) I hung up my Xmas Jingle boots.
Well, forget The First Dance, because this is the biggest wrestling return of the decade, it’s my 22 jingle.

Thanks to everyone in the Post Wrestling Universe for being a much needed constant in my life.
Happy holidays to all!


Andrew & Sam from Saint John - The Seven Days Of Trios

Our jingle for the POST Wrestling Christmas contest! In honour of the gift of trios matches.

Vocals and lyrics by Sam Smith & Andrew Bates
Piano: MusicalDrewby/Soundcloud - used with permission

On game 1 of 7 my true love gave to me,
Death triangle vs the elite
On game 2 of 7, my true love gave to me,
And death triangle vs the elite
On game 3 of 7, my true love gave to me
Three trios belts,
On game 4 of 7, my true love gave to me
Forearm exchanges,
On game 5 of 7, my true love gave to me
On game 6 of 7, my true love gave to me
Sick hammer shots
On game 7 of 7, my true love gave to me
7 weeks of wrestling

Merry Christmas everyone!