CM Punk addresses Colt Cabana, AEW EVPs and Hangman Adam Page at post-All Out presser

Originally published at CM Punk addresses Colt Cabana, AEW EVPs and Hangman Adam Page at post-All Out presser

CM Punk addresses all at the post-AEW PPV presser.

Coming out of All Out, newly crowned AEW World Champion CM Punk was first up to speak at the post-PPV press conference.

Punk went on to address the idea that he had something to do with Colt Cabana no longer being featured in AEW. Punk expressed that he has nothing to do with Cabana and has not been friends with him since 2014/2013.

He added that-that was put out there by EVPs who could not “manage a Target” and said Hangman Adam Page went into business for himself on national TV, referencing the segment between the two on the lead-up to Double or Nothing.

…This is a f*cking business. Why I’m a grown ass adult man and I decide not to be friends with somebody is nobody else’s f*cking business, but my friends, if I fall backwards will catch me. Scott Colton, I felt never would have. My problem is I wanted to bring a guy to the top that did not want to see me at the top, okay? You call it jealously, you call it envy, whatever the f*ck it is. My relationship with Scott Colton ended long before. I had paid all of his bills. I have every receipt, I have every invoice, I have every email. I have an email where he says and I quote, ‘I agree to go our separate ways. I will get my own lawyer and you do not have to pay anymore.’ That’s an email that I have. The only reason the public did not see is because when I finally had to countersue him through discovery, we discovered he shared a bank account with his mother. That’s a fact, and as soon as we discovered that fact and we subpoenaed ole’ Marcia, he sent the email, ‘Oh, can we please drop all this?’ Now, it’s 2022. I haven’t been friends with this guy since at least 2014, late 2013 and the fact that I have to sit up here because we have irresponsible people who call themselves EVPs and couldn’t f*cking manage a Target and they spread lies and bullsh*t and put into a media that I got somebody fired that I have f*ck all to do with him, want nothing to do with him, do not care where he works, where he doesn’t work, where he eats, where he sleeps and the fact that I have to get up here and do this in 2022 is f*cking embarrassing and if y’all are at fault, f*ck you. If you’re not, I apologize. But, what did I ever do in this world to deserve a empty-headed dumb f*ck like Hangman Adam Page to go out on national television and f*cking go into business for himself, for what? What did I do? Dave , what did I do? Didn’t do a God damn thing.

CM Punk went off on Colt Cabana and Hangman 😳 #AEWAllOut #MediaScrum

— Cody Nichols (@AllEliteCody) September 5, 2022

The conclusion of AEW All Out saw MJF make his return to the company to confront CM Punk. MJF secured a shot at the world title when he won the Casino Ladder match.

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Wow! All he had to say was “no comment”.

This is the line that shocks me. Regardless of what he thinks, saying this publicly is a giant slap in the face to Tony Khan. Take care of your drama behind the scenes, don’t air your dirty laundry at press conference, unless this is a work…I don’t know.

He could have responded by just reiterating what Tony Khan said early in the week… “I had nothing to with Colt Cabana being moved from AEW to ROH. He and I haven’t even communicated anything to one another in years. Any reports or speculation are false.” — And, done.

Instead, he went full nuclear with his petulance. He really wants to see himself as the “hero” in his story, but what he just did just made the locker room for the company he “loves” even more toxic.

What he disclosed about Colt Cabana could be libellous, he could likely get sued.

Regardless of what happened with the EVP’s or Adam Page, he aggressively doubled down.


As a wrestling fan, I don’t have the energy for another cabana/punk lawsuit. Sry.

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Now there are reports circulating that the Bucks and Omega are threatening to leave AEW over this Punk situation. Now I know that the bucks just re-signed, but I’m pretty sure Omegas contact expires in early 2023 as I remember him saying he signed a 3 year deal and last January (or around there) he picked up a 1 year option.

I think the move here is for Khan to release Punk. I get he’s a star, but he’s going to create major waves in the locker room and guys are going to leave as the AEW locker room sounds like a shit show right now. What a difference 1 year makes, after all out last year AEW were sitting on top of the wrestling world, now they are considered the toxic promotion which is something I never thought would happen in a million years.

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I ended up missing the PPV but someone sent me this and holy F==K was that insane.

Tony needed to cut off Punk and grow a set. Punk isn’t Brock Lesnar where you don’t cut him off.

As someone who genuinely does not like many YB matches if they walk over this I will be converted to a CM Punk fan.

Compound this with him eating muffins and shilling some place to buy them and then digging into cake and honestly - that was incredible

Watch Jericho and how he conducted himself at the press conference and compare that to punk. One is professional and one isn’t.

Punk just did to MJF what MJF did to Wardlow.


Dont play chicken with cm punk. He doesnt blink. If Hangman was going to call him out on something, its on him to respond or bury it and not just let punk be the only one to respond, or this will just get worse. Unprofessional or not, this is how Punk is.

The thing is, he already took his shot at Page. What I find odd is him taking shots at Omega and the Bucks in a public forum. You’re not wrong though, the guy is as stubborn as they get.

I’m not a huge Tony Khan fan, but I really do feel bad for the guy…he looks so uncomfortable.

2:35 is where the EVP comments happen.

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Yeah… welcome to being a wrestling promoter TK! A shame they cant seem to find eachother between shows and deal with this rubbish like adults instead of like… pro wrestlers.


It’s like a dare now… “how off the rails can we go and see if people will still says it’s a work?”


I mean… Could it not be?

Promos have alluded to this. MJF, Kingston, Hangman. They all wanted to save AEW from Punk.

After what we just saw playout as a story with MJF, why is it hard to believe that AEW wouldn’t use press conferences to get over story points or lay ground work for the future?


Yeah it’s a very good point. I know a lot of the major reporters are out there saying it’s not a work, but they all said the same thing about the MJF thing and they were wrong. So at this point I don’t think anyone knows


This would hands down be the greatest promo of punks life if it was a work.

He’s good at talking but not that good.

There was a backstage brawl when he left the press conference according to Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer.

What exactly were they wrong about? Because it seems pretty obvious that it started as a shoot with MJF being unhappy and wanting more money and no showing the meet and greet and then it became a work after DoN.

Again, why can’t we believe that press conferences are an extension of the product?

The wrestling media is very close to many in AEW. Why wouldn’t they use that connection to help enhance the experience as a viewer and somebody engaging with the product?

Also… Isn’t AEW filming a backstage reality series that was supposed to be the second season of Rhodes to the Top?

I guess I’ll believe anything at this point but I struggle to see how this makes anyone look good.

Punk came off awful and what he was saying made the elite and hangman seem just as bad. Like the hangman stuff was so weird.

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This is quickly turning the audience against Punk.
Unless that’s part of the idea behind all this.

I just think questioning the reality of these stories is needed. Especially after the MJF thing.

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