CM Punk destroys Bryan Alvarez

As a credentialed historian with over 30 years (33 to be exact) around this industry, I am well aware of those situations. Thanks for the history lesson, though.

In many ways, those situations aren’t much different than a real sports franchise consulting with its franchise star before doing certain moves: the franchise player usually has some pull with ownership and management - in the modern sense. I’m not saying this is a first in the wrestling industry, I’m saying it sets the precedence for this specific company that counts on-screen talent among its executive branch - who should have more power than on-screen talent for being a member of the executive branch. The same talent that had the moniker “The Elite” when Tony was just a billionaire “mark” and was key to the actual impetus for the creation of this “alternative” wrestling promotion. Tony and AEW are setting the precedence to reestablish this kind of Hogan-Bischoff power dynamic or similar going forward - one that should be gone from the industry for the better. One Tony would know well being an avid wrestling historian, like yourself.

I get it’s a star power business, but that star shouldn’t be creating waves of discontent over a friend’s job - if any of this stuff is true - that affects the media corporation paying the bills and giving you the timeslot and platform to broadcast your content to the widest audience possible. If the media company had to change their materials to sell your show because the 45-year-old, injury-prone “star” is having a hissy fit over anything, I’m keeping that in my back pocket as a representative of WBD when negotiations come up.

In no way am I suggesting this isn’t worked out or couldn’t be a work. Not at all. This is wrestling - you can’t trust or believe anything from the inside. What prompted my inclusion in this conversation was any talk of Ace Steel getting rehired, when he unequivocally shouldn’t. It’s only through nepotism and the unbelievably insular and unique nature of the wrestling industry, that he will have a job in that company again, and in no way do I think he should be hired back. I stand by this 100% If any of this situation involves Ace at all and if there is any truth to all of these reports.

But, factually, the name CM Punk and his likeness had to be removed from WBD’s marketing materials, for whatever reason, after materials were released to the public. Whatever the reason - work or hissy fit - that factually did happen.

And I’m sure that with the United Center booked, an announcement due next week, and with money on the line, everything gets worked out - if it hasn’t already - and wrestling fans will welcome Punk back with open arms, while AEW cashes checks and sells as much “second coming”-Chicago themed merch as possible. I bet some people even cry (and you’ll get crowd shots for evidence).

After all, if there is one thing CM Punk proved in his absence from wrestling - aside from the fact he’s a terrible athlete and can’t fight for shit (and I say this as someone who Kickboxed for 12 years and has nine years of grappling under her belt) - is that he can draw money from his devoted fanbase consistently, seemingly no matter what he does. This is why he’s getting the treatment that he does. I get that.

Again, thanks for the history lesson, from a credentialed historian with 33 years around this industry. :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ll go back to focusing on real sports playoffs and motorsports. I’ll be back, but I’ll promise to leave the wrestling talk to the real ones (or is it Real1 in wrestle-speak?) LOL.

Have fun guys. I have no idea how y’all are squeezing in another 2 hours of wrestling a week. :laughing: Best of luck to you, your families, and your lives! LOL!


Bryan responds.

When I click on your link it says: “Hmm…this page doesn’t exist. Try searching for something else.”

Oh, interesting. Tweet has been deleted.

Here is the transcript:

“I didn’t get any story wrong. There wasn’t one thing that I said on the show yesterday that was wrong. I still don’t know why this guy spent, I don’t know how long on Instagram, which to me, it was almost like high art when he spent all this time on Instagram and then finished with a video where he told everyone else to go outside and touch grass.

So listen yeah, I don’t know Phil. You’re right, Phil. I don’t know you. But you know what? I do know a lot of people in AEW. I have heard from people in AEW, and I have heard from people in WBD (Warner Brothers Discovery) and they all said the same thing, ‘there’s an issue.’ I don’t know why you’re mad at me. Maybe you should talk to the people in your own company. Or maybe you should talk to the people at WBD, which is where I got all the information. I didn’t make it up. I didn’t make one thing up.

Why am I talking about CM Punk? Well, let me think about this. I do a wrestling radio show where my job is to cover wrestlers. You’re a wrestler, and you are supposed to be the centerpiece of an announcement and you weren’t. Gee, I wonder why I would be talking about this now.

You know what’s going on here, and I got sucked into it. I didn’t want to. This is the same thing that FTR was doing, and I shouldn’t even say FTR. This is the same thing that Dax was doing and that is try to create, in the minds of the wrestling fans, some imaginary beef that I have with Dax Harwood or out with CM Punk. I don’t have any beef with CM Punk or Dax.”


I can see the video. He’s not wrong

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The guy with the money has the power.

All Punk has is his name. He can’t even wrestle anymore with an increasingly fragile body.

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Have you looked at the roster for that show without him? It looks like another version of rampage that no one will watch. They need him.

Very few people are going to commit two hours on a Saturday night to watch wrestling show live at 8 PM. Like if you aren’t out and about doing stuff, you probably got something else better to watch so to make it work it’s gotta be a hell of a show and CM punk is probably the only way I can see that happening right now.

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No, the person with the least to loose has all the power.


:woman_facepalming: :roll_eyes: :woman_shrugging:

Whatevs. I love a solid slice of nepotism, with a side of immature, ill-informed behavior. Mmmmmm. Delightful.