CM Punk.... Injured. Again.

Oh dear.

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Honestly, he looked gassed and slow. And it was obvious he was hurt at some point. Guy is just too old and beat up

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I feel bad for the guy if it is as bad as speculated.

Definitely a bummer for him. His third major injury in about two and a half years.


So both Rollins and Punk are hurt……yikes. With that said, maybe a blessing in disguise if they use this as an opportunity to push Sami into the main event where he should be. Maybe do Seth vs Sami vs Drew, that way Rollins doesn’t have to push it as hard.

He is falling apart. I think it’s clear at this point that his value is on the mic. But in terms of drawing power, how effective would he be in that role if he’s not wrestling (where he’s still really good, but can’t stay upright)?

I know Punk is a jerk, but you have to feel a little bit bad for him. Regardless of circumstances, it seemed like he was making a genuine effort to just be happy where he is.

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Is this a second triceps injury? The same arm?

I would put him on commentary, he is great at that role. And then build up to one or two big matches a year. He can’t be an everyday player anymore.

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Maybe the C. M. could stand for “Cody’s Manager”??

Dude left AEW and brought the injury bug with him. Tough scene.

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I can see the 3 way, but, you get Damian in with the briefcase, and turns it into a Fatal 4-Way, in recall of what Seth did back in San Fran.

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I was right on the second triceps but didn’t get the arm right. On the upside for Punk, he knows the rehab process, having just gone through it on the other arm.

Fragile ego. Fragile mind. Fragile body.

Weak mind. Weak spirit.

Btw: I was just having fun on this. Don’t take it too seriously.


Maybe it’s because he came back to the place that made him sick in the first place?

(yeah, I know we shouldn’t joke about injuries, but this place needs a little unserious banter)


At the god damn Royal Rumble, no less!

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Hopefully someone drove Punk to the “medical facility”.


But…but…that’s home, right??? :laughing:

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Hahahah this made me laugh out loud

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Well I didn’t know I was getting Punk at Mania when I booked my tickets and travel, so having him was a massive plus. Now it’s all about Cody finishing the Story as nothing else has got any buzz to it whatsoever right now.

I wouldn’t risk Rollins at all now and save him vs Punk for SummerSlam.

Why? Are you happy and satisfied that he is injured and probably out of Wrestlemania?

I not that he got injured but the comment about how he’s home now anyway.

I don’t wish injury on anyone.

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