CMLL & Ring of Honor end their partnership

Originally published at CMLL & Ring of Honor end their partnership

CMLL’s partnership with Ring of Honor has seen the two companies present the ‘Global Wars Espectacular’ events, Matt Taven winning the NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship and a handful of talent exchanges. CMLL made the announcement today that their partnership with Ring of Honor is no longer intact and the company’s social media page thanked ROH for the partnership.

El CMLL continúa enfocando sus esfuerzos y recursos con el compromiso de seguir presentando La Mejor Lucha Libre del Mundo y agradece a ROH por este periodo de trabajo en conjunto.

— Lucha Libre CMLL (@CMLL_OFICIAL) April 27, 2021

In early April, CMLL parted ways with current Ring of Honor contracted talent Bandido who signed a new deal with ROH this past January.

CMLL and Ring of Honor both have a ongoing mutual relationship with New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Back in February, CMLL and NJPW issued a joint-statement which read that their partnership is steady in case there was any doubt because the two companies had not presented an event together since the COVID-19 pandemic began.