Cody Rhodes as WWE Champion - thoughts and opinions so far

We’re now in the post-Mania wind down and now we have Cody beginning a new story as the undisputed WWE Champion. He’s a big star now and is so far being unanimously loved in the live crowds all over which is rare for a pure white-meat babyface these days. What would you like to see happen as far as Cody’s presentation and how would you protect him from being overexposed?

I like what’s he doing so far with and I enjoyed the contract signing with AJ last Friday. I think a working heel instead of a monster heel is a good starting point as well. AJ Styles can make matches look good and be the heel, psychologically, without it being another case of Cody being in trouble and needing to slay a dragon. Let some other stories and stars come up to the temperature on the stovetop. The steak is still there and will be perfect when you plate it with everything else.

Also I’m an old-school person, I want the world champion to feel special and I don’t think he should be there every single Raw & Smackdown. Keep him unique and add some more fire to his promos.

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I still think he should have won last year’s Maina. Cody defending the title against Brock, Balor, Priest, Rollins and even a first time math up with GUNTHER would have been FIRE! Roman could’ve held the Universal title for another year, instead of that actually happened.

As for now I think it’s has been good. AJ Styles is a great opponent for Cody and I think they will have another P.P.V match after Backlash, fully establishing Styles as a more ruthless heel. But if I get to have Cody vs GUNTHER at The Bash at Berlin, then I am ALL IN!


I think so far so good, but I also think it’s super early. I think the key to the run being good is essentially three things, good matches, good storylines, and when he eventually looses it, it’s done in a big match that doesn’t make him look bad.

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I think it’s off to a good start. I saw Cody at a house show and he was by far the most over wrestler at the show.

AJ Styles is a good first opponent. He still commands the respect of the audience for being one of the best wrestlers in the world. Nobody really expects him to win the title but at least the fans will tune in expecting a good match.

Now that the draft is over there are a few Smackdown wrestlers that Cody can have short programs with. Lashley and Solo. But his next big feud they should be building up in the background for SummerSlam is Orton. Cody vs Randy is a money match with a lot of history between them and their families.


I don’t know if I missed it, but is Cody vs Logan Paul at King & Queen of the Ring a winner take all match? I’m not sure what the need is for it.

For the record, I agree. The reasons I can think of are:

  • Saudi’s wanted the match and liked the idea of title vs title. WWE is doing what they asked.
  • WWE is thinking of getting rid of the US title, this is an easy way to do it.
  • They are going to put the World Title on Logan Paul and then have Cody chase him
  • The idea the entire time was to have some type of non finish, so title vs title made sense since it wouldn’t ultimately matter

I really don’t like any of these ideas outside of MAYBE getting rid of the US title. We’ll have to see. I think with the new World title you don’t need 4 Mens singles titles. Cody winning the US title is the only one of these scenarios that appeals to me.

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I like that Cody is now such an over babyface, that when a strong heel steps in for big win, it’ll be a hell of a story.

Cody’s promos are still good, the match against AJ was (looks around carefully for folks from France) … Phenomenal :wink:


It’s truly refreshing to see a pure, white-meat babyface getting so much love from the crowd.