Confirmation of identity, please

OK, this is really arbitrary… I fell down a YouTube rat-hole and watched a compilation of people being interviewed on the street and giving funny answers to general knowledge questions. Is the guy on the left at 2m49s who I think it is?

Who are you thinking about ?

Are you saying that’s John Pollock…? :smile:

Not even close.

Good God some of these people must be completely lost in real life. Africa in South America ? Really ?

I had a friend in high school who was in one of these skits for the Tonight Show while she was visiting LA.

She was coached into saying stupid of funny things if she wanted to be on TV.

Although I’m sure there are some people that legitimately don’t know where Africa is.

@AuthorOfPosts: Haha, no… I wasn’t thinking of John.

I deliberately didn’t say in the initial post so that people wouldn’t have their thoughts biased by my suggestions.

I could swear that the guy I’m referring to is Zach Madsen (the guy that tackled Bret Hart at the WWE Hall of Fame).

I don’t think anyone remembers what that guy looks like to be honest.

Didn’t recognize him without Dash Wilder’s fist in his grill.

I thought the guy on the left looks like a goofy out of shape Randy Orton