COVID-19 Questions for Dr. Alex Patel

We’ll be conducting an interview with Dr. @Alex_Patel this Thursday at noon ET for a special podcast available on the main feed.

As our time with Alex is limited, please be aware that we may only ask a selection of the questions provided.


I would like to ask his thoughts and concerns around the ‘second wave’. How likely is it to happen and will there be a lockdown as severe ss through the first

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For the parents, his thoughts on the SickKids back to school recommendations would be nice -


We keep hearing that kids don’t spread covid and don’t red face masks. That would be great but if kinda like to see the research that this is based on.

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The document I linked contains references to the research. In all honesty, I probably trust this organization more than any other with advice regarding the safety of my child. That being said everyone should do their due diligence and questioning authority is something I’m all about.

I’ll have to look later on my PC. Phone can’t deal with PDF right now.

Is it the swedish study that’s being cited?

Realistically, how far away is a vaccine. The normal time is 5 years sometimes for a vaccine, although we know this one is being sped up.

How do you feel about schools reopening in September?


I would like to bounce on what Genutz said. I’ve read China has a vaccine, UK has a vaccine, maybe some other countries. What is up with that ?

What do we know about the virus itself in terms of transmission, lingering effects and immunity? Thanks for having Alex again.

Wanted to ask what his thoughts are on the large amount of misinformation out there that is being used as fuel for many conspiracy theorists, and how dangerous this is going forward. (i.e. Masks are dangerous and not necessary, the vaccine that many people will refuse to receive when available, covid is nothing more than the flu, etc.) And also recommendations for trusted sites/articles that put out the most up to date information that people can refer to.

Do you think that if a treatment is found before a vaccine is created that things could possibly get back to normal sooner? Or would people think that they can just do whatever and cause greater spread knowing there is a treatment?

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Hello Dr. Patel

My question is regarding the death counts. On Jun 24, the Toronto Public Health twitter account replied to a tweet stating…

“Individuals who have died with COVID-19, but not as a result of COVID-19 are included in the case counts for COVID-19 deaths in Toronto.”

Is this the case? If so, should the death counts be revised to reflect a more accurate account of the death rate?

At the beginning of May, the State of Colorado revised how they counted covid deaths and resulted in a 24% drop in death count from people who had contracted the virus but died of other causes that may or may not have been related to infection.

This revision was started after a Colorado man was listed to have died from “ethanol toxicity.” however he was added to the list of covid deaths when his blood was found to have the virus.

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As someone on the frontlines, in the trenches; what is the outlook for Canada? From my unscientific observations, we seemed to have a few problems but kept it together pretty well. Are we better prepared for a second wave? And, are you medical professionals taking care of yourselves and your families?

First and foremost thank you @Alex_Patel for your time and sharing knowledge.

My question is about things that have opened in Toronto. I have some friends really pressuring me to go to a patio like Jack Astor’s with them. Part of me really wants to go and feels it’s ok because they’re allowed to be open, but the other part of me feels it’s unnecessarily.


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This might help you out.

I’d also like to ask Dr. Patel how he helps people deal with misinformation and keep his cool when people bring him nonsense from bogus sources.

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Not the most serious question - so feel free to skip it… but whats the weirdest remedy/cure for Covid that he’s heard from people/patients?

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to today’s interview. We managed to cover most of the questions brought up in the discussion.

Please direct any further questions to this thread: CoronaMania: Welcome To The Covid Penitentiary!

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