Current Wrestler with best Shooting.....

Current 2(Men’s)wrestlers with Best Top Rope Shooting Star?

Did the forum cut off the ending of your topic title or was that your decision?

All me…

I don’t mind your topics, but that’s probably your most random yet.

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I have an affinity for the shooting star

Ricochet is the first one that comes to mind.

Billy Kidman’s was great. It seemed revolutionary when he was doing it in WCW.

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I wish I could even think of guys I associate with the Shooting star press at this point. It used to feel like it was a big special move, now it just feels like a move a ton of guys do and it doesn’t stand out. The only guys I can think of are the ones that do the standing version. I almost feel like I know more memorable moonsaults at this point than shooting stars largely because you have wrestlers doing it that typically you wounding expect. Larger me and women for example. Whereas it often feels like if you are a smaller man in wrestling you probably have a shooting star in your repertoire.

Currently Mark Andrews

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Brock was so close to hitting the most memorable shooting star press in WWE history… instead of the second or third most memorable botch in WWE history (Owen-Austin and Rumble 2005).

Of course, had he not almost killed himself, he probably would’ve done the move in 30-40 more matches since then.

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That is the correct answer!

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